Preventive healthcare

Under this heading you will find information about preventive healthcare and the support available in maternity care and child healthcare. There is also some information about how to look after yourself so that you do not risk falling ill unnecessarily.


 All children in Sweden are offered a series of seven vaccinations for various illnesses, such as polio, whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. 

Pupil Health Service

Pupil Health Service is provided in Swedish schools. The Pupil Health Service takes over where the child health centres, Barnavårdscentralerna (BVC), leave off. The Pupil Health Service also works preventively with pupil health in areas such as lifestyle issues and psychological illness.

Read more about the pupil healht service under the headings Children & Youth, Health and medical care and The child’s health.

Dental care

In Sweden there is both public and private dental care. Public dental care is run by a county council or region. It is called the Public Dental Service (Folktandvården). 

There are many private dentists in Sweden. The rules for how much you have to pay vary. It depends on where you live and what dentist you choose.

Dental care in Sweden often involves preventive dental care.  This means that you have to visit dental care regularly to keep your teeth healthy. 

In Sweden everyone under 20 years gets free dental care, both at the Public Dental Service and at a private dentist. All children and young people are called to the dentist regularly for examinations, treatment and preventive dental care. Adults contact the dentist themselves.

Look after yourself

Good eating habits

What you eat and drink means a lot for your health and well-being. Eating well and exercising can reduce the risk of many diseases, such and cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and mental health problems.

Exercise and physical activity

People need physical activity to feel well. Exercise reduces the risk of many diseases, such as cardio-vascular diseases and certain types of cancer. Exercise also makes you happier. You sleep better, can cope better with stress and keep the right weight. Adults should have at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.  


Many people feel stressed. This does not need to be dangerous. Stress gives you extra strength to cope with serious situations. But a lot of stress can be dangerous to your health. If you feel stressed, it is good to understand why. Then you can try to change your situation.


Sleeping well is important if you want to feel well. An adult needs between six and nine hours sleep every day. Young people need more.


You buy medicines at a pharmacy. For some medicines you need a prescription from a doctor. The staff at pharmacies know a lot about illnesses and medicines. They can answer many of your questions. Pharmacies also have brochures and information about various illnesses.​

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