Medical care

Here you can read more about what to do if you fall ill. Healthcare can provide everything from telephone advice to visits to the health centre or treatment by specialists at hospital.

If you fall ill  

When you or your children fall ill, you should go to your health centre in the first place. In the evening and at weekends, health centres are closed. If you need care quickly you should go to a duty clinic. Ask your health centre where your nearest duty clinic is or read about it on your health centre’s website on the Internet. You can find it under “Care in my area” in the left-hand menu.

You can also call the Healthcare Information Service (1177 Vårdguiden) at telephone number 1177. They can help you by providing advice and telling you the right place to contact for care.

Skåne, Stockholm county and Västra Götaland offer health care guidance with interpreters in Arabic and Somali. This service is provided by nurses on the 1177 Vårdguiden helpline, assisted by an interpreter.

Health care guidance with an Arabic interpreter 0771-11 77 90.

Health care guidance with a Somali interpreter 0771-11 77 91.


A hospital has several different out-patient clinics and wards. You go to hospital if you have been given a referral to a specialist clinic. You also go there if you are going to give birth (delivery) or if you have a severe injury or illness that must be treated immediately.

Hospital emergency department

A hospital emergency department is open 24 hours a day. You go to the emergency department if you have a dangerous injury or acute illness and if your usual health centre is closed. Usually you have to wait for a long time if you go to a hospital emergency department. This is because the hospital has no way of knowing how many people will come. At the emergency department the person who is most sick is treated first. So it is better if you can go to your health centre or duty clinic.

There are special emergency departments for children, and a children’s emergency department usually receives children aged between 0 and 16 years.

Life-threatening illnesses or injuries

If you have an acute illness or a life-threatening injury, you have to go to an emergency department at a hospital.

Call SOS alarm at telephone number 112

Children at hospital

The Healthcare Information Service (1177 Vårdguiden)  on the Internet has a clickable cartoon programme/film for children that shows what happens at hospital.

Waiting room

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