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The health care system is Sweden has been built up to give everyone access to the care they need. Everyone living in Sweden is entitled to medical care – even as an asylum-seeker.

Public healthcare is the care that everyone can use or is entitled to. Municipalities and county councils or regions are responsible for public health care. The municipalities help older people, people with disabilities and people who have been ill for a long time.

High-cost protection

High-cost protection provides protection from high costs for care and medicines.

High-cost protection for healthcare means that as a patient you only have to pay SEK 1 100 per year for healthcare. Once you have paid a total of SEK 1 100, you get free care for the rest of the year. You are given a free pass. The pass is valid for twelve months from the date of your first visit.

High-cost protection for medicines means that as a patient you only have to pay SEK 2 200 during a year for prescription medicines. Once you paid SEK 2 200 you get your prescribed medicines for free during the rest of the year. The time is counted from the day you bought your first medicine.

Websites with information, advice and support

Emergency healthcare

SOS Alarm

Emergency number 112 - Film

​Healthcare in Sweden for asylum-seekers, people with no papers and people in hiding

1177 Healthcare information service - New in Sweden

National Board of Health and Welfare - Health care and welfare

If you are an asylum-seeker, you are to be offered to talk to a healthcare professional and get a medical exam. This is done so that you can get the best possible care, should you need it. During the talk, you will also be given more information about the Swedish healthcare system.

​Medical examination

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