Text-to-speech service - Talande Webb

Text-to-speech service

The texts on Information about Sweden can be read out by a text-to-speech service, Talande Webb. You may need to add Talande Webb as a bookmark in your web browser. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Talande Webb link below (a new tab or window will open).



2. In the menu of the page that opens, find "Så funkar Talande Webb" and click on "Spara bokmärke".


3. Right-click on the link "Aktivera Talande Webb" and click on "Lägg till i Favoriter...".

In some browsers you can instead drag the link to your bookmark bar.

4. Go to Information about Sweden's home page and click on the link in your bookmarks bar. The tools popup should appear on the page.

Note that if you choose this way to use Talande Webb, you will need to activate the app for every new page you get to.

​Talande webb finns tyvärr inte på språken:

  • Dari
  • Persiska
  • Somaliska
  • Tigrinska
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