Akuten (Hospital emergency department)

​Akuten is a word that is used instead of Akutmottagning, or hospital emergency department. The emergency department is part of a hospital and you go there if you have a dangerous injury or an acute illness and your usual health centre is closed. Usually you have to go to a duty clinic (jourcentral), which is part of primary care, if you have an illness or have been in an accident that you need help with quickly but that is not life-threatening. Health care can be described in three stages. In the case of mild illnesses or slight accidents during the day, you have to contact your health centre. During evening and at weekends you contact a local emergency clinic or a duty centre (jourcentral). In acute cases go to the emergency department. It is always best to call first so that you know where to go; at many places you can get an appointment for when you can come. This means that you will not have to sit in a waiting room for several hours with other people who are ill if many people are in need of assistance. There are some differences between different municipalities and county councils. If you want to ask about various illnesses or injuries or ask who to contact you can call the healthcare information service on: www.1177.se, www.sosalarm.se

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