Avtal (Agreement)

An agreement is an arrangement between two or more people (or two or more parties). If it is in writing it is generally called a contract. The whole point of it is that one party (the person or company) offers something and says what it will cost and the other party agrees to what has been proposed. It can, for example involve agreeing that a book club will send you books and you promise to pay. It can also be an agreement about work or buying a car. You also sign an agreement when you rent an apartment or order electricity for your apartment. An agreement can cease to apply after a certain period of time or when some special event occurs or when you or the other party terminates the agreement.  There can also be notice periods of different lengths. Read more at: http://www.hallakonsument.se/other-languages/english-engelska1/consumer-contracts-act/ and http://www.hallakonsument.se/other-languages/english-engelska1/consumer-sales-act/

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