​CV is short for the term ‘Curriculum vitae’, which is Latin for biography, career, life-course. A CV is a summary of your knowledge, experience and skills. It is sometimes called a personal record or résumé. CV is often used as a collective term for the documents you may need to submit when you apply for a job.
A CV can contain:

  • A short biography
  • Work qualifications, previous employment and work duties
  • Training and the educational qualifications you have
  • Any board appointments in associations
  • Leisure interests and whether you are a member of any association
  • Your personal details, i.e.: your personal identity number and contact details/address details
  • References with their names and contact details. You have to ask these people in advance if they are willing to be references. Usually a reference is an immediate supervisor with a previous employer. The employer where you are applying for a job can then contact your references to enquire about you as a person and what you have done in the past.

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