Konsumentombudsman, KO (Consumer Ombudsman)

​The Consumer Ombudsman (Konsumentombudsmannen in Swedish, abbreviated KO) works to ensure that companies observe the law in e g marketing and contracts. KO can also represent consumers in a court of law. If you buy goods and services from companies, you are a consumer. The makers of the products are producers and those selling them are salespeople.

KO is part of the Swedish Consumer Agency, which is a government agency working on your behalf as consumer. You should report salespeople or producers who break the law to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

You can get information from the Swedish Consumer Agency and ask questions via its information service Hallå konsument. You can either phone 0771-525 525 or visit www.hallakonsument.se. On the website you can also chat to the agency's consumer guidance officers. Read more on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website.

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