Räkningar (Bills)

A bill is really the same thing as an invoice. A bill is a written demand for payment. When you buy something, but do not pay for it right away, you get an invoice (bill). Generally it comes with the mail delivery. You can get bills for everything from your housing rents and electricity bill to hire purchase payments for the TV. Bills must be paid on time. Otherwise you risk having to pay even more or being referred to the Swedish Enforcement Authority. The bill states which date is the due date, i.e. the last date by which you must pay in the money. The best thing is to be able to pay bills via your bank using the Internet (called an ‘internet bank’). This is absolutely the quickest and cheapest way to pay bills. It is also possible to pay at the bank or a post office but they take a charge per bill, and then it can be really expensive.
Read more at: Hallå konsument and Swedish Bankers' Association

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