Socialbidrag (Social assistance)

Now the term income support is used instead. Income support consists of the national standard and reasonable costs outside the national standard. The national standard includes costs that are roughly the same for everyone. For example, it includes costs for food, clothes and hygiene. Income support is a form of financial assistance intended to act as a last-resort safety net for a person who has temporary financial problems. Income support is money that you can get if you do not have enough money to manage (for food and rent, for example). You must always apply for income support. How much money a person needs to manage has been decided. If you apply for income support the social services look at your particular needs. In the first place people have a personal responsibility for their own lives. This means that you must try to contribute to your upkeep and other needs before you are entitled to assistance. A person who can work is obliged to look for work. You are probably not entitled to financial assistance if you have money in the bank or other assets (a car, house, boat and so on). In the first place you have to apply for the other benefits and allowances you can get, such as housing allowance and parental benefit.  You apply for income support to the social services in you municipality (you will find more information on your municipality's website). The social services need information about all your financial circumstances of importance for you application, for example income, assets and expenditure.
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