Practise Swedish with others

​​​​​​​​​One good way to learn Swedish is to practise with people who can already speak it.


Welcome! is an app where you can contact people who speak Swedish, either to chat via mobile or meet in real life.

​​​Refugee guide or language buddy

Having a refugee guide or a language buddy is one way to socialize. If you are an asylum seeker or new arrival, you can get in touch with people in Sweden. Your refugee guide or language buddy can help you learn Swedish more quickly and make new contacts that can make your daily life easier. 

Swedish with a baby​

Practising with films

​​In these films you learn common words and phrases. You can pause and rewind the films if you want to.You can see subtitles for the video if you click on subtitles in a box at the bottom right of the video.

The library

​At a café​

Directions / Leisure

Community centres​

You can enter a town, place or address here to find out where you can go to meet with other people and practise Swedish.


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At the library, you can use computers with internet access, borrow books in simple Swedish, read newspapers and magazines in different languages and much more. Some libraries arrange meetings where you can get together and practise Swedish.

Homework help sessions

Available in many places in Sweden. These sessions are available to help children, young people and adults progress and succeed with their studies.​

​​Stay safe!

Remember to be careful when you are going to meet someone you have only had contact with over the internet. Tell somebody where you are going and arrange to meet your online friend in a public place.

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