Activities during the asylum application period

Last updated: 14 7 2020

There are various activities you can take part in while you wait for a decision on your asylum application. Many municipalities and associations arrange activities for asylum seekers, and they are often free of charge. Participating in different activities is a way of getting to know new people and learning new things.

Associations that may offer activities include sports and cultural associations, adult educational associations, and faith groups. Municipalities and associations may have different types of activities. These may include homework help, sports and exercise activities, support for families, and language cafés – as well as many other things.

Adult educational associations and folk high schools offer courses for asylum seekers. These courses are called Svenska från dag 1 (Swedish from day 1) and Vardagssvenska (Everyday Swedish). Adult educational associations' courses give you the opportunity to learn Swedish. They also have courses on which you can learn more about Swedish society. There are also many other organisations which are not adult educational associations that have activities for asylum seekers. County administrative boards have to ensure that activities for asylum seekers are available all over Sweden. County administrative boards allocate money to associations and municipalities that have free activities for asylum seekers.

To find activities in the area where you live, search on your municipality's website or in the activity calendar.

The Activity Calendar – Activities in Sweden

"Activities in Sweden" is a search function where you can search for activities that suit you. For example, you can find associations near where you live with activities that match your interests.

You can type a search term into the search field, or you can choose a specific day, or activities in a particular area. For example, Sport, Swedish language or Culture and entertainment.

Travel allowance

If you attend the courses Svenska från dag 1 or Vardagssvenska, or participate in other activities that receive money from county administrative boards, you can apply for money to pay for travelling to the activity. Ask the person in charge of the activity to write you a certificate for a travel allowance. Hand the certificate in to the Migration Agency, and they will assess your application.

Preparing for a job in Sweden

​​There are many different ways you can prepare for getting work in Sweden. These include finding out what is required in order for you to be allowed to practise your profession in Sweden. You can also have your education diplomas translated or your qualification from another country assessed.