Decision about your asylum application

Last updated: 24/5-2024

After conducting an asylum investigation, the Swedish Migration Agency will assess your application. You will then receive a decision on whether your application for asylum has been granted or rejected.

The decision of the Swedish Migration Agency is based on your account of your situation and the supporting evidence you provide. The Swedish Migration Agency will also base its decision on what the agency knows about the situation in your homeland.

The Swedish Migration Agency can notify you about a decision in various ways

When the Swedish Migration Agency reaches a decision about your application, the agency may call you to a meeting with a case officer who will explain the decision to you, or you may receive a decision in the post.

Even if you receive a decision by post, the Swedish Migration Agency will still call you to a meeting to provide you with information about the decision with the aid of an interpreter. The case officer will then explain what the decision means, what your rights are and what happens next.