Your health during the asylum application period

Last updated: 12/4-2023

Everyone who lives in Sweden has a right to health and to receiving medical care when necessary and this includes you as an asylum seeker. On these pages you can find information about the help and care that you are entitled to during your time as an asylum seeker.

As an asylum seeker in Sweden you are entitled to a limited range of medical and dental care.

Everyone who seeks asylum in Sweden is offered a free medical examination.

While you are waiting for a decision on your asylum application in Sweden you are entitled to help and care if you feel mentally unwell.

Other institutions besides the health and medical care services can also provide help and advice if you feel mentally unwell. There are many voluntary organisations that you can phone or meet to get help. These organisations have their own websites on the internet where you can read more about what kind of help they offer.

A lot of help and care is available for children and young people who feel mentally unwell.

A person with a functional impairment has a reduced ability to function physically, mentally or intellectually. A functional impairment might be that your eyesight is bad, or that you need certain aids such as a hearing aid or a wheelchair. A functional impairment can also be that you need other people to help you manage your everyday life.

Asylum seekers with functional impairments have special rights while they are waiting for a decision.

Using violence, threatening or harming others is forbidden. Violence comes in different forms, including physical, mental, sexual, financial and material violence. If you have been subjected to violence you are entitled to protection and support.

Lifestyle habits are habits that have a considerable impact on our health. Smoking, alcohol and narcotics can contribute to ill health. Gambling can also lead to problems and ill health.