Work and children

Last updated: 3/5-2023

If you have a small child you can stay home from work, studies or activities at Arbetsförmedlingen in order to take care of your child when s/he is small, or if s/he becomes ill.

When you then work, study or participate in activities at Arbetsförmedlingen, your child can attend preschool or stay with a family child minder.

Parental benefit

If you have a child, or have custody of a child, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency may make payments to you in order for you to be able to stay at home with your child. This is known as receiving a parental benefit.

You can be paid a full time or part time parental benefit. Full time means that you are at home with your child throughout the day. Part time means that you are at home with your child for part of the day.

Part time parental benefit

If you receive a parental benefit in order to be able to be at home with your child for part of the day, you are unable to work, look for work or study during that part of the day.

If, for example, you work six hours in one day, you are eligible for parental benefit for up to two hours in that day.

Bear in mind that there is a maximum number of days for which you can receive parental benefit. When they run out you cannot have any more days at home and receive a parental benefit.

If your child is sick

You can also get parental allowance if your child is sick. It is called temporary parental allowance or care of child, VAB. You receive 80% of your salary. You can avail a maximum of 120 days each year.


If you are a parent and you are working or studying, your child is entitled to childcare. This means your child can spend part of the day in a preschool or with a family child minder, for example.

If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen, your child is entitled to childcare during the time that you do the activities included in your action plan.

If you are on parental leave with your child's younger sibling, your older child is entitled to childcare for about three hours a day, or 15 hours per week.

Contact your municipality for more information on child care in the area you live.