Finding a job

Last updated: 4/10-2023

There are many ways that you can look for a job.

  • You can visit Platsbanken, the Jobs Bank, on Arbetsförmedlingen's website and look for jobs among the advertisements for vacant positions there.
  • You can contact a temporary work agency, which is a company that leases staff to various employers.
  • You can contact a recruitment agency, which is a company that finds potential employees for companies that want to employ new staff.
  • You can reply to advertisements for work published in daily newspapers or on the internet.
  • You can contact an employer directly.
  • You can ask around among people you know.

Professions in Sweden

You can use the Hitta yrken (Find professions) help service if you are unsure about what profession suits you, or about what jobs there are for your profession in Sweden. Hitta yrken is a digital tool developed by Arbetsförmedlingen.

The Hitta yrken service has information about:

  • What different professions involve.
  • What the chances are of getting a job in a certain profession.
  • What training and experience you should have in order to get a job in various professions.

There are also films that describe several of the professions.