Last updated: 2/12-2022

Älvdalen municipality is one of Sweden’s largest municipalities by area. The municipality is comprised of a number of small towns and the three larger towns of Idre, in the north with around 1,000 residents, Särna with around 1,000 residents and Älvdalen in the south with around 5,000 residents.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

7143 km²

Here you'll find fantastic natural surroundings which encourages you to take in some fresh air, play sport, hunt and fish. We have four distinct seasons with snowy winters and glorious summers which make us an attractive tourist destination the whole year round. We also have a good range of cultural activities and a rich music life with recurrent events.


In Älvdalen municipality there are municipal property companies and numerous private companies which rent out flats. Norra Dalarnas Fastighetsbolag is a municipal property company which has flats throughout the municipality. You can find many property companies via Älvdalen municipality's website. The municipality also has land on which new properties can be built.

Language groups in the locality

There are many nationalities in Älvdalen municipality. Aside from Swedish and English, there are many people who speak German fluently. Other languages spoken include Tigrinya, Persian, Burmese and Thai. There is also an aboriginal group of Sami people in Älvdalen municipality who speak Southern Sami. Älvdalen is also known for the local dialect of Elfdalian.

Associations and organisations

Älvdalen's Baptist congregation runs a vibrant social calendar in Älvdalen and Åsen. The Red Cross also organises many activities throughout the municipality. Älvdalen's congregation and Idre-Särna congregation hold joint activities. In Idre, Särna and Älvdalen, there are youth recreation centres and meeting places for all young people.

Älvdalen municipality has a large number of associations within the fields of culture, music and sport. Many work actively with children's' and youth activities which contribute to a great feeling of community. You'll find all the associations on the municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

In the central towns there are shops selling such things as foodstuffs, retail goods, chemists, DIY stores and second-hand shops selling furniture, clothes and furnishings. The municipality also has a social welfare office and refugee guide.

The municipality works with projects to promote reading and has libraries in many locations.

The municipality has sports halls, ice rinks and swimming baths with a 50-metre pool. Älvdalen's ice rink also houses a full-size ice hockey pitch and grandstand with space for around 700 spectators. With hockey and times for public skating, things are very busy in the ice rink. But there is room for even more.

There's plenty to choose between here for an active life with cycle paths and hiking trails in the forests and mountains, long ski runs and well-prepared scooter tracks with natural snow and Sweden's best downhill skiing for families with children.


Älvdalen municipality has preschools, family day nurseries and open preschools with well-planned play areas in beautifully arranged environments.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Älvdalen municipality has comprehensive schools for years F-9 and an upper secondary school at Älvdalen's training centre. We also operate upper secondary schools with Mora municipality with the upper secondary school St Mikaels School.

Education opportunities

Älvdalen municipality offers sfi, social orientation for new arrivals to Sweden and komvux. Älvdalen's training centre has vocational training and contract teaching.

Health and medical care

Welfare centres in Idre, Särna and Älvdalen provide healthcare for the whole family. Facilities here include a doctor's surgery, childcare centre, maternity welfare centre, youth guidance centre and refugee health centre. There are national health service dentists in Idre, Särna and Älvdalen.

Interpreter assistance

A telephone interpreting service is provided via the municipality's integration unit.

Public transport

Dalatrafik is responsible for the general public transport system within our area.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Älvdalen municipality there are good opportunities for work. Many people working in municipal services and in companies are of retirement age, which means that there will be more and more services within the community to search for. There are major employers within tourism, the manufacturing industry, the timber industry, the service sector and the construction sector. The largest employers are, aside from Älvdalen municipality itself, Idre Fjäll, Pressmaster, Rindi, Byggmäster, Blybergssågen, Caverion, Hotell Älvdalen, Älvdalens besparingsskog, Älvdalsbygg and Älvdalen training centre.

As far as companies are concerned, there is a trade and industry office which provides free advice to those who want to start up a business, run a company or who have been entrepreneurs for a long time.