Last updated: 9/1-2023

Avesta lies along the River Dalälven in southern Dalarna, and is close both to nature and to larger towns. We invest a lot in children and young persons.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

669 km²

In Avesta, you can find Verket/Avesta Art, which is the largest child image centre in Dalarna. Sportparken is a new spontaneous sports pitch in conjunction with the wonderful family indoor swimming pool Metropoolen Avesta, and out in the other sections of the municipality there are smaller multi-sport pitches for spontaneous exercise.


There are a multitude of different types of housing in Avesta municipality. You can find flats for rent, tenant-owner flats, detached family houses and farms. On the municipality's website you can find more information about different housing formats and contact information for landlords and estate agents.

Language groups in the locality

The largest language groups in the municipality are Arabic, Tigrinya and Persian/Dari. French, Kurdish, Uigur, Russian, Thai and Somali are also spoken by many people in the municipality.

Associations and organisations

The municipality has a large range of associations. You can find them in the municipality's association register. Most events in the municipality are advertised in the events calendar.

What is available in the immediate area

The municipality has a large range of shops, library with several branch offices, and the integration unit has its premises in Avesta library. Social insurance, the employment service and the tax authority have a joint office. There are special reception activities for new arrivals.


Avesta municipality has well-established childcare and can, as one of few municipalities, also offer childcare in the evenings and at night. Apart from nursery schools, there are also family day nurseries as a format for childcare.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

All the municipality's comprehensive schools can be found on the municipality's website. There is also an independent school in the municipality. Karlfeldtgymnasiet is the municipality's upper secondary school. Karlfeldtgymnasiet offers a broad range of programmes, and several are certified college programmes.

Education opportunities

There are good opportunities for adult education in and around Avesta.

Health and medical care

Avesta municipality has a neighbourhood hospital with accident and emergency room, open 24 hours a day. There are two medical centres operated by the region and private medical centres for primary care. You can choose yourself which one you want to register with as a patient. The medical centres offer ante-natal care, child healthcare, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The region offers dental care, as do private care providers. There is also a youth clinic.

Interpreter assistance

For contacts with public authorities, there are opportunities to get interpreter help on location or via telephone.

Public transport

Public transport by local buses is free in Avesta. It is easy to travel to and from Avesta using various means of transport. From Stockholm, it takes one and a half hours to reach Avesta by train. From Arlanda, it takes about one hour.

Work and entrepreneurship

There is good support available in Avesta for those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. For example, there is a centre for new entrepreneurs, entrepreneur training courses, a business unit and an administrator group at the municipality that helps to handle smoothly the permits that may be needed. There are also several organizations for entrepreneurs.

Major employers in the municipality include Outukumpu, Stora Enso Fors, Avesta Municipality and Region Dalarna, but there is also a large number of small and medium-sized companies in many different sectors. Many people will be retiring from jobs in areas such as health and medical care in the next few years. This means new staff will be needed.