Last updated: 9/1-2023

Just over 50,000 pleasant inhabitants live in Borlänge. Here you can find IKEA and the large shopping centre Kupolen. Borlänge is a multi-cultural town, with a great musical heritage.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

636 km²

It is close to nature, and there are plenty of opportunities for exercise and wellness. At weekends, the centre comes to life and tempts young and old to visit restaurants and bars with live music.


Borlänge has a municipal housing company that rents out flats, Tunabyggen. There are also several private housing companies that you can find on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

The language groups vary due to immigration and emigration. Currently, the major language groups in Borlänge are Somali, Thai, Arabic and Kurmanji. Persian, Turkish, Albanian and Tigrinya are also on the increase.

Associations and organisations

There are lots of different associations with varying focus in Borlänge. In the municipality's association register, you can search for an association to suit your interests.

What is available in the immediate area

Borlänge centre has a library, employment service, tax office, social insurance office, guidance centre and teaching in Swedish for Immigrants, SfI. The social welfare service office is located in the town hall, Röda Vägen 50. You can find information for new arrivals on our website.

Vad finns i närområdet

IKEA is Borlänge's newest and largest furniture warehouse and is located in Norra Backa, next to the Kupolen shopping centre. Ta till vara i Åselby sells second-hand furniture.


The municipality offers a school system for those who are at home with children. The municipality has teaching facilities such as preschools and family day nurseries for children aged between 1 and 5 years. See the municipality's website for more information.

Read more about child care and preschools in the municipality.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

The municipality provides comprehensive schools for pupils up to year 9. On the municipality's website you can find more about comprehensive schools and also the opportunities for upper secondary education.

On Gysam's website there is also summary information about how to choose your upper secondary programme, and the specialisations and schools pupils can choose from.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Education opportunities

The municipality offers different types of adult education and Swedish for immigrants, sfi. On the municipality's website you can read more about the available opportunities.

Läs mer om vuxenutbildning i kommunen.

Health and medical care

You can get medical advice via 1177 – Vårdguiden (more information on Region Dalarna's website). In an emergency call the SOS Alarm number: 112.

Read more about medical care

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to help from an interpreter of your language when contacting public authorities, the municipality or healthcare. This should be booked in advance by the authority in question.

Public transport

Within Borlänge municipality, you travel on the Dalatrafik buses, which stop throughout the municipality.

Work and entrepreneurship

There are major employers in Borlänge – Borlänge municipality, SSAB and the Swedish Transport Administration are three bodies employing many Borlänge inhabitants. If you want to start your own company, there is more information from the business office of the municipality.