Last updated: 9/1-2023

Hedemora is the oldest town in Dalarna and the centre of the municipality. The municipality has 15,085 residents.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

929 km²

Hedemora has six other population centres: Långshyttan, Garpenberg, Vikmanshyttan, Stjärnsund, Dala-Husby and Västerby.

Hedemora municipality is centrally located in a densely populated region of southern Dalarna. Communications are excellent. National Route 70 passes Hedemora and is an artery for traffic between the Mälardalen and Dalarna. There are several trains a day to and from Uppsala and Stockholm, as well as towards the north.

Hedemora municipality offers easy access to nature as well as to major cities. It provides good opportunities for development, with many preschools and schools. Hedemora town has a heritage quarter and a town centre with a good mix of services and shops.


Hedemora municipality owns the major housing company, AB Hedemorabostäder. There are also a number of private housing companies which are listed on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

Some of the languages spoken in the municipality, apart from Swedish, are: Somali, Tigrinya, Dari, English, Kurdish, Persian and Russian.

Associations and organisations

Hedemora municipality offers good opportunities for sporting as well as cultural activities, and ample outdoor life. There are currently around 200 different associations, and you can search for ones that interest you in the company register on the municipality's website.

Most events in the municipality are advertised in the Events calendar.

What is available in the immediate area

In the centre of Hedemora are Arbetsförmedlingen, a library and the municipality's reception service, as well as a number of shops and cafés. Slightly farther away, but still within walking distance, are three supermarkets (Hemköp, Ica and Lidl).

Långshyttan has an ICA supermarket, among other shops. Dala-Husby, Stjärnsund and Vikmanshyttan all have local village shops.


There are a number of preschools in the municipality, and you can find out on our website where they are located.

There is also a family centre where other children and adults can meet and you can also see personnel from the child healthcare clinic there. Språkstugan is part of the family centre, and this offers persons with children under the age of five the chance to learn practical Swedish focusing on the children.

Snödroppen is a private preschool, and Noas Ark a Christian one.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are many preschools and compulsive schools throughout Hedemora municipality. There is also a lower secondary school, Vasaskolan, and an upper secondary school, Martin Koch-gymnasiet - both of these are located in Hedemora town.

There are also two independent schools, Olympicaskolan and Annaskolan, both offering classes from preschool to year 9.

Education opportunities

Hedemora municipality can also offer other opportunities for learning. Vuxenutbildningen, for example, offers Komvux (adult education), Sfi (Swedish for immigrants) and Särvux (special needs adult education). Utbildningscentrum Gruvorten is focused on training blasters, including on a higher vocational programme and an upper secondary programme.

Health and medical care

There are two medical care centres in the municipality, one in Hedemora and one in Långshyttan (about 30 minutes from Hedemora by car; there are also buses). You can find dentists in Hedemora. For emergency care, Avesta hospital is around 20 minutes south of Hedemora by car. In the event of an accident or a life-threatening situation , call 112.

Interpreter assistance

Hedemora does not have its own interpreter service, instead we get this help externally from other types of organisations or language teachers. If you need help, you can get it.

Public transport

One of the great strengths of Hedemora municipality is that you are never far from larger cities. It takes less than two hours to get to Stockholm, Uppsala and the Mälardalen region by train, for example. The urban heart of the county in Falun/Borlänge is 40 minutes away by car, and public transport connections with it are good. 35 km from Hedemora is Dala Airport in Borlänge.

For more information about buses, trains and other connections, please see Dalatrafik and SJ.


Work and entrepreneurship

Hedemora's business sector is characterised by its many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Many people who live and work in the municipality have created their own workplaces with the help of their creativity and that of others. Hedemora Näringsliv AB offers free advice and guidance on how to start up, develop and establish a business.

The major sectors for employment in the municipality are care and nursing, mining, other industry, agriculture and forestry. The business community also includes companies specialising in e g technology, construction and artisanal foods.