Last updated: 2/12-2022

Almost 11,000 people live here in Rättvik municipality. Most of these live close to Rättvik, but also many in the string of towns which follow the Siljan Ring north of Ore and Furudal.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

2139 km²

The largest towns are Rättvik, Vikarbyn, Boda Kyrkby and Furudal. We believe we have a good living environment and we'd love to share it with you!


Most of the residents of our municipality live in their own houses. The chief town of Rättvik and Vikarbyn and Furudal is where our municipal accommodation company, Rättviks Fastigheter AB, has flats to rent. A list of various landlords can be found on our website.

Language groups in the locality

The main language is Swedish followed by English. We also have immigrants whose mother tongue is Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Tigrinya, Somalian, Sari, Arabic, Polish, Gaelic, German, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Italian, Thai (various dialects) and Albanian.

Associations and organisations

There are many associations within our municipality covering a broad range of interests. Many of the associations are very active.

What is available in the immediate area

In the chief town there is a library, arts centre, bathing beach, slalom slope, golf course, area for playing bandy, sports ground, restaurants, cafés, hotels, camping sites, a trotting track and a lot more besides. Each spring and autumn we have a large market with more than 100,000 visitors and 1,000 market stalls. At the market place there are antiques and car boot sales during the summer. There are 3 large food stores, banks, shoe, clothes, sports and leisure shops, a shoemaker's shop, toys, flowers, health food, furnishings, antiques, second-hand, household appliances, paints, an optician, handicrafts, petrol, kiosks and much more in the chief town. In total we have around 50 shops in the chief town and many more in the surrounding area. There are grocery stores in Vikarbyn, Boda village, Bingsjö and Furudal.

The job centre has a service office in Rättvik and a regional social insurance office in Mora. There is a social welfare office and police station in Rättvik and a tax office in Falun.


We have well-established child care provision with preschools in Rättvik, Vikarbyn, Ingels, Boda village and Furudal. There are also family day nurseries.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are comprehensive schools (years 1–5) in Rättvik, Vikarbyn, Sätra, Söderås, Ingels, Boda village and Furudal, with years 6–9 in Rättvik and Furudal. There are special schools in Rättvik together with an upper secondary school and a special upper secondary school. In Rättvik we also have a music school.

Education opportunities

Adult education Leksand-Rättvik offers tuition in Swedish for immigrants (sfi). There is also welfare and care training, apprenticeship training, distance learning for upper secondary school courses, basic adult education, upper secondary school courses and special tuition for adults. You can find more information and can draw up a study plan with the study and careers adviser.

Health and medical care

In central Rättvik there are chemists, welfare centres with doctors surgeries, midwives, antenatal care, a child care centre, dentists, rehabilitation, youth guidance centre, keep-fit facilities etc. There is also a private doctor's surgery where such procedures as health checks, doctors' appointments and vaccinations are provided. The welfare centre offers all asylum seekers and refugees a health consultation. The consultation also provides an introduction into how the Swedish healthcare system works. The consultation is free of charges. A centre providing emergency care is available in Mora and Falun.

Interpreter assistance

When you book an appointment with a welfare centre of example, or with social services, you are entitled to interpreting services. State when booking the appointment that you require interpreting services. Refugee children with no parents have a custodian who can request interpreting services if necessary.

Public transport

In the chief town of Rättvik there is a travel centre from where trains and buses leave. There are excellent opportunities to commute to work in Falun, Borlänge, Leksand and Mora. Information regarding trains times can be found on SJ and Tågkompaniet and there is also information regarding bus journeys locally and within the county.

Approximate travel times by car to are 19 minutes to Leksand, 53 minutes to Borlänge, 42 minutes to Falun and 30 minutes to Mora. To drive or take the train to Stockholm takes at least 3 hours, by bus it takes approximately 3½ hours. Masexpressen operates between Mora and Stockholm. Swebus operates to destinations including Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Birka Cruises has its own transfer buses from Rättvik to its cruise liner Birka which operates between Stockholm and Mariehamn. Viking Line has its own buses which run from Rättvik to the liner in Stockholm (Stadsgården). Viking Line operates crossings to Åland, Åbo and Helsinki.

Read more about public transport in the municipality.

Work and entrepreneurship

Rättvik's economy is characterised by the driving force from hundreds of businessmen and small businesses. People who live and work within the municipality have created their own workplace with the help of their own creativity and that of others. This has formed the foundation for a tradition of entrepreneurship and a can-do attitude which lives on among the location's companies.

The largest industries in the municipality are tourism, retail, the timber industry and agriculture – and forestry. The economy also includes companies which are specialists in, for example, technology, construction and graphic design.

The economy is advancing and under development, and the Office for Trade and Industry works hard to maintain a good service to the town's workers.