Last updated: 2/12-2022

Vansbro municipality is a gem in beautiful Dalarna. The municipality consists of four population centres and a number of smaller villages. Good services, convenience and proximity are some of the reasons why so many people like it here. The population centres have services such as shops, post offices, public transport and schools.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1657 km²


In Vansbro you can rent a flat through Vansbrohem, a municipal foundation. There are also a number of private landlords.

Language groups in the locality

Several language groups are represented in the municipality: Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya, Dari, Thai and English.

Associations and organisations

In addition to a great diversity of local associations within culture, sports and crafts, there is a local chapter of SWIS – Somali Women in Sweden.

What is available in the immediate area

The municipality's population centres have services such as shops, pharmacies, indoor swimming pools, libraries, the Employment Service, municipal individual and family care services, theatres, cafés and cinemas. Erikshjälpen and Bumerangen are two charity shops with second-hand clothes and furniture. Äppelbo Gemenskap is another shop selling second-hand clothes and household goods.

Preschool and child care

There are several alternatives in childcare. Read more on the municipality's website.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive schooling until year 5 is available in all parts of the municipality, while years 6-9 are taught at Smedbergsskolan in Vansbro. Adult education and upper secondary education are available in Vansbro, at Vansbro Utbildningscenter och Lärcentrum. They also offer Sfi and distance learning programmes at universities and university colleges.

Education opportunities

Vansbro can offer adult education, civic information courses for new arrivals, municipal adult education, Sfi and special needs adult education.

Health and medical care

Vansbro has a medical care centre, a paediatric centre, an obstetrics centre and a youth clinic. National dental health care services are also available in the same building. There is also a private dentist in Vansbro.

Interpreter assistance

If an interpreter is needed, Vansbro municipality will hire one through Tolkcentralen I Borlänge.

Public transport

Public transport to and from Vansbro is by bus. From Borlänge there are train connections to e.g. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Västerås, Örebro and Gävle.

Work and entrepreneurship

Vansbro municipality is home to many small businesses in different areas such as commerce, industry of different kinds, media and crafts. If you want to start your own business and have any questions, you can turn to the municipality's Näringslivssamverkan (business community cooperation service).

Big employers in Vansbro include Vansbro municipality, Orkla Foods AB, Sveden Trä AB and