Last updated: 2/12-2022

Hudiksvall is located on E4, about 80 km to the south of Sundsvall and about 130 km to the north of Gävle. Here, you meet people with an open attitude. Moreover, there is a living cultural heritage where old traditions meet the present day's impulses.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

4524 km²

Hudiksvall is the central place in Hudiksvall municipality but there are many suburbs, among others, Iggesund, Delsbo and Forsa. There are shops, banks, healthcare centres, dental clinics, etc. in the suburbs. Hudiksvall is a beautiful coastal city, which was founded in the year 1582. The city's main businesses consisted of fishing, maritime, craft and industry. The fishing business was an important source of income for several hundred years. In Fiskarstan and near the boat houses at Möljen, you can see the remains of this epoch.


Within the municipality, there is a municipal housing company and some private landlords. If you want to wait in a housing queue or receive more information on available properties through H-Bostäder, you can do it through their website.

Or visit Blocket, a website for additional available properties within the municipality.

In the municipality, there is a queue for available plots. Those who are above the age of 18 and want to build a permanent home can register on the waiting list for a plot. Only one application per household can be submitted. Read more on the municipality's website - Queue for plots (Tomtkön) or on the page build (Bygga).

Language groups in the locality

In Hudiksvall, you can see a rich diversity of cultural and linguistic aspects. The biggest language groups at the moment are Arabic, Tigrinya, Dari and Farsi. Swahili, Tamil and Spanish are a few others.

Associations and organisations

Hudiksvall municipality has a rich social life in many areas. The associations offer opportunities for rewarding leisure and community. Do you want tips on recreational activities? Internship? Summer jobs? Do you need help and support? Read more on the municipality's website.

What is available in the immediate area

The centre is where all shops are located. There are different types of stores, banks, pharmacies, cinema halls, libraries and grocery stores. There are some stores that sell food and spices from the Middle East and Asia.

There is a prayer hall located in the Western part of the city.

Thousands of books, audio books, newspapers, journals and other media are available completely free of cost at our eight libraries or the book bus.

In the Hudiksvall centre, you will find the Swedish Public Employment Service and also the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Swedish Pensions Agency and the Swedish Tax Agency, which offer customer service in the same premises.

You can find shops at the centre, in the Guldsmeden shopping centre or at the Fyren shopping mall. Visit Centrumhandel for information on shops in Hudiksvall. For those who like antiques, visit butik66.

There are also many second-hand shops that sell furniture and domestic appliances, clothes, equipment and more. Erikshjälpen, Red Cross, is located in Hudiksvall and Forsa. Resursen, Café 7:an, Biståndscenter at Håstaholmen; Dakapo in Forsa and Säcken in Delsbo. You can also buy second-hand things online on Blocket.

Contact Hudiksvall's tourist agency or visit Hälsingland museum's, and Hälsingland and Glysisvallen AB's websites for more information on activities.

What is available in the immediate area


Hudiksvall municipality offers about 30 preschools, divided in three areas: south, north and west. Children who have physical, psychological or other special needs for their development, can get the required support.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

In Hudiksvall municipality, there are 17 primary and lower secondary schools with a total of 3,500 students, divided in three learning units: North, South and West.

The schools offer a creative environment, which is characterised by transparency and diversity with a varied selection and specialisations.

Broman upper secondary school offers 14 national upper secondary programmes, of which nine are professional programmes and six are college preparatory programmes. The National professional program in the Upper Secondary Special School is available here.

In the municipality, there is also Glada Hudik upper secondary school and primary and lower secondary school, which is a free school.

Education opportunities

Adult education in the Hudiksvall municipality offers education at lärvux, Centre for development and learning - Cul, professional high school and sfi (Swedish for Immigrants).

There is also a college in Hudiksvall. At Cul, you can take most course that the university colleges and universities offer as distance courses. Studying at university college level at Cul means that you are registered at a university or university college, e.g. University college in Gävle, but do your studies on Cul.

The region runs a folk high school in the municipality: Forsa Folk High School in Forsa.

Read more about adult education at:

Health and medical care

There are several medical care centres in the municipality's population centres of Hudiksvall, Iggesund and Delsbo. Some are run by the region and others by private healthcare providers. The area is home to one of the county's two emergency hospitals, which boasts one of Sweden's most modern radiology departments.

The region's Public Dental Service as well as several private dental clinics are available at several locations in the municipality.

More information about Medical care centres, Hospitals , Dentists and Pharmacies is available on Region Gävleborg's website.

BRIS Children's rights in the society, on the telephone number +46 (0) 116 111, those who are under 18 years, can call and talk to a counsellor for assistance on any concerning matter (completely free).

Adults who would like to talk about children, can call +46 (0) 771 50 5050 and talk to a counsellor for assistance on any child-related matter (completely free).

Violence against women: The association Women's shelter Vändpunkten: Your problems and experiences are not small or insignificant.

Domestic violence. The municipal social services have supporting activities for women. Come to us!

Kvinnofridslinjen is a support telephone line for those who have experienced threats, violence or sexual harassment.

Read more about medical care

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Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you have the right to an interpreter in your language, for communicating with the authorities.

Public transport

Connectivity, both by train and daily coaches, is good (Xtrafik, SJ, Y-bus and the Härjedalingen).

Tickets are cheaper for students.

Work and entrepreneurship

Do you need a licence or a building permit to start a company? Read on the municipality's website or visit HNA. Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) provides information on permits that are required for different business activities. You can find information on Business Sweden or on Work in Sweden's website.

Work and entrepreneurship