Hallands län

Last updated: 2/12-2022

Halland is famous for its bathing and beaches, but also consists of a fertile plain, with rivers in wooded valleys, as well as sparsely populated areas of forests and lakes. The county has six municipalities – Laholm, Halmstad, Hylte, Falkenberg, Varberg and Kungsbacka.

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Municipalities in Hallands län

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Housing situation

The county's positive development and increasing population over the last ten year period has not been matched with sufficient housebuilding. Since the early 2000s, there has therefore been a shortage of housing in the population centres in all the coastal municipalities in the county. In particular, there is a shortage of small rented flats. The shortage of housing is particularly noticeable for young persons, students and for those in need of special housing.


The population increase and employment increase in Halland has been better than the national average. Immigration into the county has been great over the last decades. On 31 December 2013, the population of Halland amounted to 306,840 persons. Halmstad is the largest municipality in the county with around 94,000 inhabitants, and is the county town. Tourism in the county is considerable, and means that the population doubles during summer to around half a million.

Business and employers

The business sector in Halland is varied, and characterised by many small companies. The small company structure has several positive effects, such as a high rate of entrepreneurship, good profitability and growth of the companies. A negative factor is that business in Halland has few knowledge-intensive companies, a generally low educational level and few contacts between universities and society. The largest employers in the area are Halmstad municipality with around 7,800 employees, followed by Region Halland with around 7,200 employees.

Associations and organisations – civil society

In Halland, there is active collaboration between public authorities, municipalities, companies and non-for-profit organisations to create good prerequisites in society for the citizens of the county, both private individuals and business owners, as well as for new arrivals.

Schools and education

Halmstad university has a broad range of education, with several unique programmes. Research is prominent and of good international repute. Campus Varberg offers many vocational courses.

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Medical care

The hospitals in Halland are located in Kungsbacka, Halmstad and Varberg. The hospitals employ around 3,500 persons, with a joint management and administration. Apart from the hospitals, there are many public and private family medical centres.

Culture and leisure

Halland offers a wide range of activities for those interested in culture, history, sports, art, music and theatre. The varied landscape offers many interesting visitor attractions and there are more than 160 nature reserves and around 50 building monuments in the county.