Last updated: 2/12-2022

It provides a great sense of security to live in place where people know each other, where your involvement makes a difference both at work and during your free time. The pace in Hylte is a little lighter, it's easy to feel good and enjoy life. We believe that an active and social life close to services and close to nature creates well-being.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1047 km²

The landscape is shaped by forests, water and small villages and communities. The main town, Hyltebruk, was founded in 1909 around the paper mill on the banks of the Nissan river. Today Hylte municipality is the biggest employer, with about 900 employees.


Hylte has several types of housing to choose from, in the countryside as well as in the population centres.

The municipality does not provide any flats, but there are several housing companies that can arrange rented flats in Hylte municipality. The biggest of these is Hyltebostäder – if you want to know more about them, see what flats are available or join the housing queue, you can do all that and more on Hyltebostäder's website.

Language groups in the locality

People of different ethnic origins live together in the municipality, and several different language groups are represented.

Children who speak another language than Swedish at home are entitled to receive lessons in their native language. Currently, native language lessons are offered in Polish, German, Dutch, Vietnamese, Albanian, Somali and Arabic.

Associations and organisations

Hylte municipality offers opportunities for a rich recreational life for the whole family. All year round, engaged inhabitants put in thousands of unpaid hours on various activities for children and young people as well as adults. Thanks to their efforts and engagement, the municipality boasts more than 130 associations.

Many of the municipality's associations have activities that are intended for people who are new to Sweden.

Check out the municipality's association register to find various associations.

What is available in the immediate area

Hyltebruk is the municipality's biggest town, with various types of services and shops. It is also home to "En väg in" (A way in), which is an integration collaboration between authorities where you can meet and get help from representatives from Arbetsförmedlingen and from the Tax Agency's service centre, Hylte municipality and the Integration Hylte project.

On the municipality's website you can read more about culture and leisure, and about where you can find libraries, sports facilities and various sports and culture activities.


There are 13 municipal preschools in Hylte, educational care and one independent preschool. Preschool activities are for children aged 1-5. Municipal preschools employ a centrally administered queueing system to provide places for children.

Open preschool in Hyltebruk is a meeting venue where you are welcome with your child aged 0-5 to socialise, play and get to know others. Open preschool is a resource for children and parents.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Hylte municipality has compulsory schools in Hyltebruk, Kinnared, Rydöbruk, Torup, Landeryd and Unnaryd.

Newly arrived children (aged 6-16) who are going to attend compulsory school are placed, following enrolment, in a reception class. Each pupil is surveyed there, to identify strengths and areas for development. At the same time, pupils receive preparatory lessons in various subjects.

For pupils aged between 16 and 20 there is the introduction programme. This prepares them for other upper secondary programmes or for the jobs market. There are upper secondary schools in Halmstad and Gislaved.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Education opportunities

The municipality offers various types of adult education. This is intended for anyone who needs to complete their qualifications or add new subjects and courses to them, at different levels.

Sfi (Swedish for immigrants) is part of adult education and is offered to anyone who wants to learn Swedish.

Health and medical care

Region Halland is responsible for health and medical care. There are medical care centres in Hyltebruk and Torup.

The public dental health service is available in Hyltebruk. There are also dentists in private practice in the municipality.

Interpreter assistance

You can request an interpreter in all contacts with public authorities.

Public transport

Hallandstrafiken runs all public transport in Hylte municipality.

Work and entrepreneurship

This is an entrepreneurial region, with many businesses. You can find them all in the municipality's business register. The municipality's business office can provide support and advice for entrepreneurs.