Jämtlands län

Last updated: 2/12-2022

Jämtland county lies in the middle of Sweden and is one of the country's largest. The landscapes here are dominated by forests, waterways and mountains. There are 8 municipalities in the county, of which Östersund is the biggest.

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Municipalities in Jämtlands län

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Tourism is one of the county's most important industries. The population and their activities are spread across the entire county, and the small city of Östersund has a university (Mittuniversitetet), shops, and airport and a city centre.

Winters are cold, with plenty of snow, and summers are warm and full of light. Jämtland is characterised by inward migration, and you will find people here from all over Sweden and the world. Tourism, the sought-after lifestyle and the wonderful people here attract thousands of people to move here every year.

Tourist activities, events such as music festivals and world championships, attract many visitors and new residents. If you are looking for lots of space and nice people, Jämtland is a good choice.

Housing situation

The county can offer both urban living in the small city of Östersund and rural charm on a farm in the country. It is generally easier to find housing in Jämtland county than in the metropolitan regions of southern Sweden. Prices are high in Åre and Östersund, but housing is affordable in the rest of the county.

Business and employers

Tourism is a very important source of jobs in the county, with particularly good employment prospects in the mountain resorts and Östersund. The public sector is another major employer – including government agencies, the regional administration and municipalities. Jämtland also has a very large number of small businesses.

Schools and education

Education here includes everything from private preschools to universities. Compulsory and upper secondary schools are spread throughout the county, under private as well as public management. Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University) offers many different types of programmes, and specialises in areas including winter sports, crisis management and psychology.

Medical care

Östersund has a big county hospital with advanced care technologies. Patients from the county's medical care centres are referred here. All municipalities have medical care centres. The standard of care is very high, and patients are referred to the regional hospital in Umeå for certain specialist treatments.

Culture and leisure

There's a wide choice of leisure and recreation activities in the county, particularly if you're interested in outdoor activities and training. Snow, winter, skiing trails, jogging trails, football pitches and a thriving civic life mean there are plenty of activities available all year round. Hunting and fishing are part of the lifestyle. Östersund has a good choice of entertainment and nightlife venues, and the Storsjöyran music festival is one of the annual highlights.