Last updated: 2/12-2022

Berg municipality is in Jämtland county. The major population centre is Svenstavik, with about 1,000 inhabitants.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

6145 km²

Most of what is needed to live a good life can be found in Svenstavik and the other smaller population centres in the municipality. Examples are schools, food shops, nursery schools, health centres, etc. The county hospital and a wider range of goods is available within commuting distance in Östersund. For those who so wish, there are many activities focusing on outdoor life. Berg municipality is characterised by an active association and cultural life, and a strong spirit of entrepreneurship.


There are rented flats available in the municipality; everything from one-room flats to four-room flats. The municipal housing company is called Bergs hyreshus, but there are also rented flats available via the private property company Nordros Fastigheter.

Language groups in the locality

Language groups in Berg are Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya, Persian, Thai and Russian.

Associations and organisations

Civic life is important to Berg municipality, which does much to promote non-profit associations. Civic life and outdoor life contribute to good public health. Berg's associations provide most of the municipality's recreational offering. Berg municipality is rich in opportunities for outdoor life, with fishing in lakes, meres and streams.

Hunting in the woods, the wilds and the mountains. Boating. Hiking in the woods, in open terrain and in the mountains. Skiing, cross-country as well as downhill. Equestrian and animal life. All are traditions in Berg. Trails that lead from the woodlands to the highland wilderness, accessible in summer and winter. Water from unspoilt streams, brooks, lakes and meres that can be drunk straight from the source.

Culture and civic life are important aspects of our community, which is reflected in all our districts. There are 300 registered associations in Berg, catering to almost every interest.

The municipality has a number of congregations belonging to the Church of Sweden.

There are churches in many places around the municipality. Svenstavik has a church belonging to the Swedish Mission Church. The nearest mosque is in Östersund.

What is available in the immediate area

Svenstavik has an ICA food shop, library, employment service, social services office and a second-hand shop for clothes. The smaller population centres usually have a food shop and library.​​


Watch a film about the wonders of Berg municipality.

Watch a film with views from Berg municipality.


There are nursery schools in many places within the municipality. Examples are Svenstavik, Hackås, Myrviken, Åsarna, Rätan and Storsjö/Ljungdalen.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive schools are also available in Svenstavik, Hackås, Myrviken, Åsarna, Rätan and Storsjö/Ljungdalen. Svenstavik is also home to the upper secondary school Fjällgymnasiet, where you can choose from different specialisations.

Education opportunities

Swedish for Immigrants, social orientation, comprehensive education for adults, special upper secondary school and upper secondary school for adults (komvux) are available in Svenstavik. Read more about adult education on the municipality's website.

Health and medical care

The municipality has two dental clinics, one in Svenstavik and one in Myrviken. These places also have health centres, with doctors, nurses, child healthcare clinic, antenatal clinic and physiotherapy.

Interpreter assistance

The municipality uses interpreter services as necessary, via telephone or on location.​

Public transport

County public transport is available in large parts of the municipality. From Rätan, Åsarna, Svenstavik and Hackås, there are in some cases opportunities to go by train via the Inlandsbanan line. Inlandsbanan has daily departures to Stockholm via Mora.

Work and entrepreneurship

Most of the jobs in Berg municipality are in small companies in a variety of sectors. There are a number of bigger companies in tourism, timber, industry and trade. The share of people employed in agriculture and forestry remains high against the national average. Jobs connected with the toursim sector are increasing as the number of visitors to the municipality grows. One of four jobs is provided by the municipality, and biggest numbers of employees are in medical care and nursing, education and child care. The prospects for tourism are of continued growth, as more and more people visit our municipality.