Last updated: 2/12-2022

Härjedalen is one of Sweden’s largest municipalities in terms of area, with 11,934 sq km, leaving plenty of space for each inhabitant. We have mountains, lakes and forests, which provide both summer and winter activities for those interested.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

11860 km²

Wonderful Härjedalen offers liveliness, purity and closeness – these are also our core values in Härjedalen municipality, and characterise our activities and attitudes.


In Härjedalen, there are various options for housing. You can choose to buy a house of your own in a community or out in the countryside, or rent or buy a flat in a community. The municipality has a housing company that rents out flats, bur there are also several private landlords.

Language groups in the locality

Härjedalen municipality is currently the home of people from Syria, Africa, Eritrea, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, among other countries. The languages spoken are Arabic, Tigrinya, Tigré, Somali, Persian, Burmese and South Sami. Härjedalen is home to the native Sami population, who speak South Sami.

Associations and organisations

So far, there are only Swedish churches in Härjedalen. The Church of Sweden and other congregations arrange many activities for new arrivals, to which all are welcome, irrespective of their religion.

There are many different types of associations in Härjedalen. The municipality's website has links to all of them.

What is available in the immediate area

Härjedalen is a large municipality in geographic terms. There are several population centres in Härjedalen. The main one is Sveg. Other centres are Lillhärdal, Ytterhogdal, Hede, Lofsdalen, Vemdalen and Funäsdalen. The municipality has four offices, the head office in Sveg, and local offices in Funäsdalen, Hede and Ytterhogdal. In these locations, there are also comprehensive schools, libraries, shops, indoor swimming pools, second-hand shops, etc.


Nursery school is the first step in the education system and in life-long learning. Here our children are able to develop in an exciting, yet secure environment.

Härjedalen's municipal nursery schools offer childcare of high quality for children aged between one and five years. It is an educational operation, led by well-trained staff, where care, learning and upbringing create a unified whole.

Härjedalen also has four cooperative nursery schools. A common feature of these is that the parents are responsible for the operation, with the help of nursery school teachers and child carers who they employ themselves. The parents also take part regularly in the daily work, with cleaning, cooking and other maintenance.

The idea is that their participation will lead to increased insight and understanding and to increased responsibility – greater commitment and solidarity leads to security and community for both children and parents.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive schools for pre-school to year 6 are well distributed across the municipality, which means short travel distances for the younger pupils and a good school environment in relatively small school units. These schools are located in Sveg, Lillhärdal, Lofsdalen, Hede, Vemdalen, Funäsdalen, Bruksvallarna and Ytterhogdal.

Schools for years 7–9 are available in Sveg, Hede, Funäsdalen och Ytterhogdal.

Härjedalen upper secondary school is a small upper secondary school with a broad range of programmes. Our upper secondary pupils feel at home and secure in our school environment, but in particular they succeed well in their studies.

The proportion of pupils who leave Härjedalen upper secondary school with completed courses is above the national average and on several of our upper secondary programmes, our students end up with average grades that are considerably higher than the national average and comparable upper secondary schools. It is therefore natural that our vision is that our pupils shall be well-prepared for the future they want to have.

Perhaps it is our café, our natural meeting place, perhaps it is our committed staff who make our pupils feel secure and succeed in their studies to such a high degree. Irrespective of the reason, we hope that you can find an upper secondary programme that suits you in particular, and that you will also be well-prepared, irrespective of whether you choose to continue studying or look for work immediately after leaving Härjedalen upper secondary school.

Education opportunities

Härjedalen offers adult education, with Swedish for Immigrants, social orientation, basic adult education, upper secondary education for adults and opportunities for further education with distance learning. There is also a folk high school in Sveg, Bäckedal folk high school.

Health and medical care

Härjedalen has medical centres in the following locations: Funäsdalen, Hede and Sveg. In Ytterhogdal, there is a clinic for pre-booked appointments.

There are pharmacies in Funäsdalen, Hede and Sveg. Several locations have pharmacy agents, and many shops sell non-prescription pharmacy products.

There are dentists in Funäsdalen, Hede and Sveg.

Interpreter assistance

Interpreting assistance is available within both national and municipal public authorities. Please state that you want interpreting help when you book your appointment. The municipality has an integration service unit, which works with language support for new arrivals who are registered in Härjedalen municipality. The staff at the integration service can tell you more about the help that is available.

Public transport

You can travel to Härjedalen in several different ways, by air, car, bus or train. On the municipality's website, you can find information and timetables.

Work and entrepreneurship

Härjedalen municipality is the largest employer in the municipality. Irrespective of whether you work as a nurse, janitor, HR consultant or operational manager, all employees play an important role in Härjedalen municipality. Together, we ensure that society functions in the municipality, which is incredibly valuable.

SYKES is a global company with more than 35 years' experience, more than75 centres and more than 46,000 employees all over the world. Sykes work with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and deliver customer service, technical support and sales to both small, local companies and large international brands.

Lots of people come to Härjedalen for their holidays, and when they have time off. This means there are lots of jobs in tourism. The large tourist areas in Härjedalen are Vemdalen, Lofsdalen and Funäsfjällen.