Last updated: 2/12-2022

Krokom has quality of life and a belief in the future and growth. The municipality is working active to make more companies, more inhabitants and more visitors a part of the municipality. Krokom is also a hunting and fishing municipality, attractive for both summer and winter tourism.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

6813 km²

We have magnificent countryside, clean air, fresh water and plenty of space.


Krokom have various types of housing. There is a municipal housing company, Krokombostäder, and several private landlords.

Language groups in the locality

We have Arabic, Somali, Persian, Tigrinya and Afar.

Associations and organisations

In the municipality there are a large number of associations with different emphases. For example, sports associations, cultural associations, churches and different communions. On the municipality's you can search in the association register for an association which matches your interests.

What is available in the immediate area

Krokom is the largest population centre in the municipality. There is an ICA food shop, bank, employment service, dentist, medical centre, pharmacy and social services office. There is also a child healthcare clinic, ante-natal clinic, library, psycho-social team and more. At Träffpunkt Mångfald, newly arrived refugees and immigrants can get help with various practical issues. It is a meeting place for refugees and immigrants.


Krokom has schools, open nursery school, nursery schools and family day nurseries.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

The municipality has nursery schools, special schools, comprehensive schools and culture school.

Education opportunities

Krokom has adult education learning centre and a folk high school. Upper secondary school is available in Östersund, as is university.

Health and medical care

Krokom has health and medical care, a child healthcare clinic and dentists. We are close to Östersund county hospital, it only takes 20 minutes by car.

Interpreter assistance

There is an interpreter service in Östersund, and Krokom has an interpreter agreement with ABC, which is located in Stockholm.

Public transport

Krokom has good communications with the rest of Sweden by train, air and bus. From Krokom, it takes 30 minutes by bus and 20 minutes by car to reach Östersund, which is the nearest town. There are also opportunities for daily commuting by train. The nearest airport is in Östersund.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Krokom, you can start a business, and there is work practice, try-out placings, practical competency development, job guarantees for young persons, job and development guarantee, working-life focused rehabilitation, working life introduction and activities within guidance and job agency.

There are also plenty of project with a labour market policy focus, in-depth mapping and guidance, labour market training, work training with guidance, and work training within a practical basic year.

Krokom is one of the municipalities with the lowest number of openly jobless in Jämtland county. To some extent, this is due to the proximity to Östersund and the good commuting opportunities. The business sector in Krokom municipality consists of around 1,000 active companies. The majority are small companies with less than ten employees.

The largest sectors are engineering, timber and foods, as well as businesses within the green sector. Tourism, food craft, service and service companies are important parts of the business structure. On the employment service, you can find more information.