Last updated: 2/12-2022

You are warmly welcome to Aneby municipality – the small municipality with the rich content! With Småland’s best school, a good business climate and closeness to each other, we have fantastic prerequisites for you feeling at home.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

554 km²


The largest manager of rented flats in Aneby is the foundation Aneby Bostäder. There are also several private landlords who rent out flats.

Language groups in the locality

Many languages are represented in Aneby. Examples of these are Arabic, Tigrinya, Dari/Persian, Bosnian, Russian and German.

Associations and organisations

Aneby has a Church of Sweden and a number of free churches. There are a wide range of associations, around 80 active associations around the municipality. There is great interest and commitment to integration in Aneby, and the municipality works closely together with the associations in Aneby to find natural meeting places for all.

What is available in the immediate area

In Aneby, you are within walking distance of almost everything. The town centres on Fredstorget square. Here there are food shops, pharmacy, bank, restaurants and shops. Aneby also has several second-hand shops that sell used clothes, shoes and furniture, among other things.

The municipality offices are also next to Fredstorget. The various administrations of Aneby municipality, such as care and school, work here. You should also contact the municipality if you have any questions about the reception of new arrivals.


If you attend school or work, your child is entitled to a place at nursery school. In order for your child to attend nursery school, you must apply for a nursery school place, and you do this by completing the form "Ansökan om placering av barn i förskola eller fritidshem".

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

In Aneby, children can grow up in a secure environment with good schools. We have nursery schools, after-school clubs, comprehensive schools and special schools. The goal is always the same: learning should be fun! The comprehensive schools in Aneby consist of five school units. In Aneby town, there is Furulidskolan, Parkskolan and Svartåskolan. In the countryside, there are schools in Vireda and Sunhult.

Aneby does not have an upper secondary school. For this reason, most of the young people in Aneby municipality attend upper secondary school in other municipalities. It is primarily the neighbouring municipalities of Eksjö, Tranås, Nässjö and Jönköping where they attend upper secondary school.

Education opportunities

There are several opportunities for adult education in the municipality. In Aneby you can read Swedish for Immigrants (SfI). The teaching is in a group, 15 hours per week Monday–Wednesday or Wednesday–Friday. In order to take part in the studies, you must be registered in the municipality and lack basic knowledge of Swedish (final diploma from Course D).

SfI studies can be full-time or part-time, and can sometimes also be supplemented with other courses. SfI is adapted to your needs and your individual goals. After completion of the course, the marks E–A are awarded. Our teachers have a first language other than Swedish (Russian, Arabic and Persian), which facilitates study help in your first language.

If you want to study subjects other than Swedish, you can do so in one of the neighbouring municipalities, such as Eksjö, Tranås and Jönköping. Social orientation in Arabic is offered in Aneby, and we collaborate with other municipalities for other languages.

Via the further education institution Högskolan Höglandet (HH), you can study at further education level in Aneby. HH is a cooperation body within municipality association of the Höglandet region, backed by the municipalities Aneby, Eksjö, Nässjö, Sävsjö and Vetlanda. Via Komvux in Aneby, you can book a study place with computers and broadband or a group work room. In some cases, you can also sit exams for the course in Aneby. The nearest colleges/universities are in Jönköping and Linköping. If you live in Aneby, you can get your travel to your college/university paid for.

Read more about adult education at:

Health and medical care

Aneby municipality has one medical centre, public dental care and also private dentists. The nearest accident and emergency department is at Höglandssjukhuset in Eksjö and at Ryhov hospital in Jönköping. Aneby also has a family centre, where there is an open nursery school and women's clinic and child healthcare clinic.

Interpreter assistance

There are opportunities to get help from an interpreter for contacts with public authorities.

Public transport

Aneby has very good options for commuting. By train via Östgötapendeln, there are direct connections to Nässjö–Jönköping and Tranås–Linköping–Norrköping, with frequent departures. The commuting time to Jönköping is less than one hour by either train or bus. Linköping can also be reached by train in less than one hour. Timetables and price information, etc. can be found on JLT or SJ.


Work and entrepreneurship

There is a great variety of companies in the municipality, and the emphasis is on manufacturing industry. One in three Aneby inhabitants work within manufacturing industry.