Last updated: 2/12-2022

In Gislaved municipality, we often say that we have everything nearby. Nature, silence and quietude nearby. But also culture, sport and a broad range of leisure activities nearby.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1221 km²

Gislaved municipality is part of the Gnosjö region in Småland; a region that is known for its entrepreneurship. The municipality is family-friendly and has excellent elderly care and childcare.


The public housing association in Gislaved municipality has around 2,600 flats distributed over 8 population centres within the municipality.

Language groups in the locality

Somali, Arabic, SCB (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian), Finnish, Albanian, Spanish and Greek are among the largest language groups in the municipality. There are also many speakers of Persian, Dari, Farsi and Swahili.

Associations and organisations

In the municipality there are a large number of associations with different emphases. For example, sports associations, cultural associations, churches and different communions. On the municipality's you can search in the association register for an association which matches your interests.

What is available in the immediate area

The municipality has practically everything you may conceivably need. Here you'll find libraries, food shops and different types of services and stores. There are also sports facilities here and a large range of different leisure and cultural activities. On the municipality's website you can read more about what is available and the activities on offer.


There are several options for municipal nursery schools. In Gislaved municipality, there are also opportunities for child care in the evenings, nights and over weekends.

There is also a family centre. This is an operation intended for all parents and expectant parents. The family centre is a meeting place, where parents/expectant parents can make contacts, get advice, information and also support in their role as parents.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are 17 compulsory comprehensive schools in the populations centres Gislaved, Anderstorp, Smålandsstenar and Reftele. The majority of the schools also have a pre-school class.

Gislaved municipality also has an upper secondary school. Gislaveds gymnasium offers many opportunities, and there is something of interest there for everyone. Lots of different specialisations are on offer.

Education opportunities

As a new arrival, you will always be given the opportunity to learn Swedish. The municipality offers sfi, Swedish for immigrants, and social orientation. Sfi training is available throughout the year.

Although the population centres in the municipality are small, there are always opportunities for further study. Gislaved municipality offers further education within the home area. If you wish to study at a folk high school, the nearest one is in Värnamo, some 40 km from Gislaved.

If you wish to study at a university, then Jönköping Högskola, Borås Högskola and Halmstad Högskola are very attractive. There are good bus and train connections to these towns.

Health and medical care

There are four medical centres in the populations centres Gislaved, Anderstorp, Smålandsstenar and Reftele. Gislaved also has a youth clinic. Women's clinics are available in three locations within the municipality.

Dental clinics are available in Gislaved, Anderstorp and Smålandsstenar.

Interpreter assistance

The municipality has its own interpreter service, offering interpreting into 90–100 different languages. The interpreter service offers interpreters both on location and via telephone.

Public transport

In Gislaved municipality, public transport is managed by Jönköpings Länstrafik. The municipality has very good bus and train connections to the various population centres in the municipality, but also to the larger cities Jönköping, Värnamo, Halmstad, Borås and Göteborg.

Examples of journey times by bus:

  • Gislaved - Smålandsstenar ca 25 min
  • Gislaved - Jönköping ca 1 h 20 min
  • Gislaved - Värnamo ca 1 h

Examples of journey times by train to Halmstad, Borås and Göteborg:

  • Smålandsstenar - Halmstad ca 1 h
  • Hestra - Borås ca 40 min
  • Hestra - Göteborg, ca 1 h och 40 min

Work and entrepreneurship

In the municipality, or within commuting distance, there are many employers both large and small. The jobs available in the area can be found in the introduction to the presentation under the Vacant jobs tab. On the municipality's website there is information for anyone interested in starting their own company.