Last updated: 2/12-2022

Gnosjö municipality is located in the western part of Småland. The municipality is the hub of the Gnosjö region, which is one of Sweden’s foremost industrial areas.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

450 km²

Gnosjö is the major population centre of the municipality, with around 4,500 inhabitants. Apart from Gnosjö, there are six smaller population centres. Around 2,000 of the municipality's inhabitants live in the countryside. The landscape is hilly and characterised by forests and lakes. The Stora Mosse national park is located in the south-eastern part of the municipality, with lakes rich in bird-life, marshes and one of the largest high-level mosses in southern Sweden.


The largest manager and administrator of rented flats is the municipal company Järnbäraren Fastighets AB. If you want to join Järnbäraren's housing queue, find more information about their property stock and look for flats that are vacant, you can do so on Järnbäraren's website.

In Gnosjö municipality there are also a number of private landlords who rent out flats.

Language groups in the locality

There are lots of different language groups in Gnosjö municipality. The municipality has had large-scale immigration of people from various parts of the world for a long time. Some of the largest groups are: Vietnamese, Chinese, Serbo-Croat, Bosnian, Finnish, Chilean, Polish, Rumanian, Danish, Somali and Arabic.

Associations and organisations

Gnosjö municipality has a broad range of associations. Sports clubs and religious associations dominate, but there are also a number of interest associations within widely varied areas.

What is available in the immediate area

Gnosjö has a complete range of services, with medical centre, employment service, dental clinic, alcohol shop, food shops, pharmacy, clothes shops, jewellery and gift shops, second-hand shops, banks, library, cinema, leisure centre, petrol station, cake shop and restaurants.

There is also a swimming pool and sports centre, with Töllstorp leisure area adjacent, which has exercise circuits and a lit running track. There are also several bathing places beside lakes in the municipality. Stora Mosse national park and High Chapparal theme park are major tourist destinations.


There are a total of 16 nursery schools for children aged 1–5 years across the various parts of the municipality. Three of them are private nursery schools, and are operated by separate principal. For children aged 6 to 12 years, who need looking after before and after school while parents work, there are after-school clubs.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are six compulsory comprehensive schools and one upper secondary school (for 16–18 year olds) in the municipality. Pupils who speak a language other than Swedish at home can get teaching in their own first language. The teaching helps the pupils to develop their language and to learn more about their own culture.

Education opportunities

Gnosjöandan's knowledge centre offers adult education in the form of basic adult education, upper secondary adult education and Swedish for Immigrants (SfI).

We offer all foreign-born inhabitants of the municipality who need it teaching in basic Swedish the option of taking part in our integrated and vocational SfI teaching. Already a short while into the SfI course, there are opportunities to combine the study of Swedish with studies in computing, mathematics, social sciences and a number of orientation courses within basic adult education, such as preparatory driving instruction, vocations and working culture and also social orientation. Most of the teaching takes place during the day, but we also offer teaching in SfI in the evenings.

The nearest towns with universities are Jönköping and Borås.

Health and medical care

Gnosjö has a medical centre, ante-natal care clinic and a childcare clinic. The nearest hospital is in Värnamo (30 km). For dental care, there is both the county dental care, "Folktandvården", and private alternatives.

Interpreter assistance

Gnosjö municipality offers interpreting into around 50 different languages.

Public transport

It is easy to get to and from the municipality by bus or train. Trains on the Coast to Coast Line run between Göteborg and Kalmar/Karlskrona. These trains stop in Gnosjö. On the main line in Alvesta, there are links to Stockholm and Malmö/Copenhagen. The county bus service run throughout the municipality. The most important bus line is the Krösa line, No 201, which runs along the stretch Gislaved-Gnosjö-Hillerstorp-Värnamo.


Work and entrepreneurship

Gnosjö municipality is home to lots of companies. The majority of the companies are small family companies, but there are also some larger workplaces. The largest employer is Gnosjö municipality, with around 900 employees. Other major companies are, for example, Brännehylte Handels AB, Thule Sweden AB, Garo AB, Troax AB and Hillerstorps Trä AB.