Last updated: 1/2-2023

Borgholm municipality is situated on the beautiful island of Öland, which you can get to from the mainland via the Öland Bridge. Öland has magnificent natural scenery and is one of the places in Sweden with most hours of sunlight. Borgholm, Köpingsvik and Löttorp are the municipality’s biggest towns.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

3659 km²

Many tourists visit Öland to enjoy nature, culture and our fine beaches.

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Borgholm municipality does not have its own housing company. Housing is allocated by the private housing companies in the municipality.

Language groups in the locality

Languages spoken in Borgholm include Arabic, Kurmanji, Persian/Dari, Tigrinya and others.

Associations and organisations

Borgholm municipality has around 200 different associations and organisations. You can search for associations and organisations in the municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

The town of Borgholm, which is the main population centre, has a pharmacy, library, banks, food shops, hairdresses, second-hand shops and also retail trade such as clothes, radio/TV, flowers, interiors, and electrical and household appliances. Borgholm also has an indoor pool, sports hall, football pitch and several gyms.


The main town of Borgholm as well as several smaller towns have preschools. Borgholm also has an open preschool.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are comprehensive schools in several of the municipality's towns.

Upper secondary programmes are offered in Kalmar, and pupils from the municipality are provided transport there daily.

Education opportunities

The Upper Secondary Federation arranges adult education (Komvux), special needs adult education (Särvux) and Swedish for Immigrants (Sfi), available in Borgholm at Ölands Utbildningscenter.

The school also offers the following programmes:

  • Care and nursing
  • Catering and restaurants
  • Animal handler, dairy production (apprentice)
  • Childcare worker/pupils' assistant.

Health and medical care

There are health centres in Borgholm and Löttorp. Borgholm also has child health and maternity care centres. The public dental health service is available in Borgholm, as well as a number of private dentists.

Interpreter assistance

You can order an interpreter ahead of a healthcare appointment and other situations where translation is necessary.

Public transport

There are bus links to many of the towns and villages in the municipality. Timetables and additional information are available on Kalmar Länstrafik's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

Borgholm municipality is the largest employer, and personal and medical care makes up the largest portion. There is a large proportion of small companies in the municipality, primarily within agriculture and tourism, as business life focuses mainly on tourism. Many of these employ a large number of persons over the summer season, and examples of companies are hotels, restaurants and campsites.