Last updated: 2/12-2022

Mönsterås is a coastal municipality with an archipelago. The Alsterån and Emån rivers run through the municipality, creating particularly good natural environments.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

941 km²

According to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's mapping of Sweden's municipalities, Mönsterås has the best business climate in the region. There are five population centres in the municipality, and each centre has childcare facilities and schools, where children are looked after individually, based on their prerequisites and needs. Mönsterås municipalities has short queues for childcare places, and there is good availability of flats in various parts of the municipality. There are good bus links to Kalmar and Oskarshamn, and there are also direct buses to Stockholm, among other places.


The major housing administrator for rented housing in Mönsterås municipality is Mönsterås Bostäder. This is a municipal company. Mönsterås Bostäder owns and manages more than 1,350 flats in Mönsterås municipality. The flats are located in Fliseryd, Ålem, Mönsterås, Timmernabben and Blomstermåla.

At the refugee reception, we prioritise offering housing in Mönsterås town, to facilitate access to Swedish for Immigrants, childcare and the employment service.

Language groups in the locality

Arabic, Karen (Burmese), Dari, Sorani, Albanian and Somali.

Associations and organisations

Mönsterås municipality has a number of Christian congregations as well as the Church of Sweden. There are also practising Muslims in the municipality

Mönsterås municipality offers a broad range of associations, and several organisations with varying aims.

What is available in the immediate area

Mönsterås municipality has a number of food shops, and major chains such as Netto, Coop/Konsum and ICA are available in various parts of the municipality. The municipality also runs a shop for second-hand furniture and other household goods. Mönsterås has a social services office, where the refugee reception is located, employment service office and a couple of banks. Libraries are available in all five population centres, and the library in Mönsterås is newly completed. There are also a number of clothes shops in Mönsterås. IKEA is available in Kalmar, around 45 km south of Mönsterås.


There is municipal childcare available in the five population centres in the municipality. There is a before-and-after-school club available for school children when their parents work. We have a short queue for a childcare place and a well-functioning nursery school.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Mönsterås municipality's operations for children and education are characterised by peace and security, where the joy of learning provides good results and great opportunities to face the challenges of life in a democratic spirit.

Our attitude for fulfilling the vision is that:

  • children and pupils are accepted based on their needs and previous experiences
  • all children and pupils can achieve the goals, have impact on and take responsibility for their learning
  • the right staff in the right place show commitment, enthusiasm and varying ways of working so that children and pupils develop based on their prerequisites.

There are comprehensive schools in Ålem, Timmernabben, Fliseryd, Blomstermåla and Mönsterås. Lower secondary schools are located in Blomstermåla and Mönsterås, and an upper secondary school in Mönsterås.

Education opportunities

The municipality runs Komvux adult education, where you can draw up your individual study plan. There is Swedish for Immigrants and opportunities for distance learning at Mönsterås further education centre. The municipality also offers special education for adults.

Kalmar has the Linné University, within easy commuting distance from Mönsterås.

Health and medical care

There are medical centres in Mönsterås and Blomstermåla. Ante-natal care, child healthcare and public dental care is available in Mönsterås. There are hospitals in Oskarshamn and Kalmar.

Interpreter assistance

There are opportunities to have an interpreter for contacts with public authorities, childcare and schools.

Public transport

There are regular trains between Kalmar and Blomstermåla. Buses to Kalmar and Oskarshamn leave regularly from the five population centres in the municipality. From Mönsterås, there is a direct bus to Stockholm. Train connections to Malmö, Göteborg and other major cities are available from Kalmar central station.

Work and entrepreneurship

According to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's mapping of Sweden's municipalities, Mönsterås has the best business climate in the region.

One reason for the good business climate is the collaboration between the municipality and business and between companies that exists in a number of networks. Successful companies are a prerequisite for growth and prosperity.

The business climate refers to the sum of the attitudes, rules, institutions and knowledge that faces company owners and entrepreneurs in society.

We work actively to promote business in the municipality.

Our vision: For Mönsterås to be regarded by business owners and private individuals as the most attractive municipality in the region to live and work in. Major employers in the region include Region Kalmar, with hospitals in Kalmar and Oskarshamn, and medical care centres throughout the municipality. Scania (motor industry) in Oskarshamn is a major employer, as is Södra Cell AB (forestry and timber industry). Mönsterås municipality is the major employer in the municipality, offering everything from care and nursing to childcare and schools.

Starting your own business

Mönsterås municipality works actively to support entrepreneurship; for example, information evenings are organised for people who are thinking about starting a company. This provides overall information about finances, marketing, accounting and taxes. The municipality holds these information meetings in collaboration with ALMI Företagspartner AB.

Mönsterås Utvecklings AB, Muab, is a municipal company that work to provide support to robust companies.