Last updated: 2/12-2022

Welcome to Älmhult! People from more than 50 different countries live and work in the municipality of Älmhult and this means we have an international atmosphere with many different cultures. The fact that Älmhult is the heart of IKEA’s operations also contributes to the cosmopolitan feel.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

978 km²

It is simple to live and be close to everything here – work, school, leisure activities, beautiful natural surroundings, commercial centres, big towns and shopping in the centre.


In Älmhult we want our residents to be able to live in a pleasant, healthy and safe environment. There are several alternatives for those looking for accommodation in Älmhult – we have a varied accommodation and living environment in Älmhult. If you want to be close to forests and lakes, you have the opportunity to do so without commuting taking up too much of your day. If you would prefer to live more centrally, you can do so at a reasonable price. In Älmhult you are able to choose!

Renting or buying accommodation

In Älmhult there are a number of accommodation companies and landlords which can provide flats around the municipality. These include Älmhultsbostäder AB which is a wholly-owned municipal accommodation company with around 1,300 flats and a large number of shop premises. Remember that most landlords operate a queue system for their flats.

If you are interested in buying a property you can speak with an estate agent.

Building new accommodation

Are you interested in building a new property? The municipality has both building plots for small houses and industrial land for sale. If you are interested in buying a building plot, you can join our queue for land.

Read more about housing in the municipality

Language groups in the locality

People from a large number of countries live and work in Älmhult municipality. For this reason, the residents of the municipality speak many different languages. Aside from Swedish and English, the largest language groups are Arabic, Somali and Tigrinya. Some of the residents also speak Russian, Kurmanji and Hindi.

Associations and organisations

The cultural life of Älmhult is characterised by diversity, commitment and joy. Here it is possible to take part in and be a part of the cultural life.

In Älmhult municipality there is the opportunity to become involved with a wide cultural life and pursue an active leisure time which provides residents and visitors with a richer and healthier life. The municipality has an extremely varied association life with around 200 associations and 140 establishments. You'll find everything here from interest groups and sports associations to religious groups. An overview of the associations can be found in the association register.

What is available in the immediate area


There is everything you could conceivably need in the immediate vicinity of Älmhult. There is a job centre, pension office, regional social insurance office and tax office at the same location in Gotthardsgata. There is also a number of banks in the centre of Älmhult.

The social services administration/refugee reception service are also in Gotthards Gata. If you have arrived in Sweden recently they can help you find your way.


In Älmhult there are shops selling items of different kinds – pharmaceuticals, clothes, food, electronic items and sports goods.

For those wanting to buy furniture and other items for the home, there is an IKEA store in the shopping area. If you are interested in buying second-hand items, there are various options including Kompaniets secondhand, Pingstkyrkan secondhand and Röda korset secondhand.


The library in Älmhult is a meeting place for everyone. Älmhult's library service has a main library in central Älmhult and a number of smaller libraries in the municipality's towns. The library offers a large variety of books in many different languages. There is also literature and media, activities for all ages and opportunities for tuition. Read more on the library's own website or pay it a visit to get help from a librarian.

What is available in the immediate area


There are 18 municipal preschools dotted around the municipality of Älmhult and a number of family day nurseries. The preschools are aimed at children aged between one and five years and are operated in the form of preschools, family day nurseries and open preschools. If you require childcare for your child or you would like more information, contact the education authorities in Älmhult municipality.

The open preschool by the name of "Kotten" is free and is for parents and children between the ages of 0 and 6 years. At the open preschool there is the opportunity to meet other parents and the children can play, paint and sing amongst other things.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Schooling is given top priority in Älmhult – in collaboration with trade and industry as well. The vision for Älmhult's schools is to have ""Sweden's best school - for the student"". Älmhult municipality offers both comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools.

Älmhult municipality has comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools.

Comprehensive schools

The municipality has eleven comprehensive schools, of which nine are municipal and two are independent. One of the municipal comprehensive schools is an international school with classes from preschool to year nine. The international school is an International Baccalaureate-certified school and all teaching is in English. You'll find more information about the municipality's comprehensive schools on the municipality's website.

Upper secondary schools

The municipal upper secondary school and Haganässkolan, a special needs upper secondary school, are in central Älmhult and offer several national programmes with different specialisations, as well as the International Baccalaureate Programme.

Education opportunities

In addition to upper secondary education, Haganässkolan has a learning centre for adult education, special needs adult education and Swedish for Immigrants (SfI). SfI offers free Swedish lessons for immigrants who have arrived recently. The learning centre also offers adult vocational training focused on restaurants and food and on nursing and care.

Training opportunities can also be available through the local Arbetsförmedling.

Health and medical care

There are two welfare centres in central Älmhult, Helsa and Achima Care Älmhults welfare centre. You'll also find here two dental clinics: Tandhälsan and Tandvårdshuset. You can choose which welfare centre and which dentist to register with.

In Älmhult there is a family centre where you can find a midwife clinic, youth guidance centre and children's' health centre.

The nearest hospitals with an A&E department are in Ljungby and in Växjö.

If you need health advice or information about health and nursing you can visit 1177 vårdguiden's website.

Interpreter assistance

If you need interpreting help when visiting Älmhult municipality or authorities in the municipality, this can be requested in advance. Contact the authority in question for interpreting help.

To arrange interpreting help when visiting Älmhult municipality, contact the social welfare service.

Public transport

Älmhult is easily accessible for those travelling to the municipality. The opposite is also true, that is to say that residents of Älmhult can easily travel further afield. You can easily travel to and from Älmhult by train, car and bus.

Älmhult is located along the main rail line and around 75 trains stop there every day. This makes it easy to commute for those who work in other towns in the vicinity. By train it is also easy to reach cities such as Gothenburg and Stockholm. Copenhagen and Kastrup airport are just over two hours away by train and from there you can travel onwards to different parts of the world. Air passengers can also use Smaland Airport in Växjö, which is just over an hour from Älmhult.

In Älmhult there are plenty of cycle paths and a well-developed bus network. There is a city bus which takes passengers from the centre to the shopping area and back again several times every hour. People travelling by car can make use of a good road network.

Public transport in the municipality

Work and entrepreneurship

There are numerous companies in Älmhult. IKEA is the dominant one with a total of 14 firms in the area. Aside from IKEA, there are many other successful companies within different branches of industry. We work to ensure that companies in the municipality can develop and that new companies can be established here.

Work opportunities

There are many different kings of work available in the municipality, including small and medium-sized businesses, industries, shops and tourism. Located in Älmhult are IKEA's different companies which embrace for example catalogue manufacture, central warehousing and product development. In total there is approximately 500 registered limited companies and 1,500 entrepreneurs in the municipality.

Älmhult municipality is a major employer in the municipality. We are developing all the time and see benefit in diversity, respect differences and actively work towards equality. As an employee here you'll enjoy pleasant and developing work and a good working environment.

Starting your own company

Are you interested in starting up on your own? In Älmhult your dream of having your own business can become a reality. If you want assistance in starting up your own business, you can contact NyföretagarCentrum in Älmhult. NyföretagarCentrum will provide you with free and personal advice if you are thinking about starting up your own company.