Last updated: 2/12-2022

The name Uppvidinge means the upper woodlands and the municipality has a great deal of countryside with forests and lakes. Here, the houses are spread out and the people are spread out as well. Where else can you live in a municipality where you close to basic services and which has a strong economy with plenty of leisure activities.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1227 km²


In the municipality there are plenty of houses and farms in surroundings of great natural beauty. Most people in the urban areas live in houses and flats. The municipal accommodation company AB Uppvidingehus owns and manages around 800 properties. There are also many private landlords. The largest urban areas in the municipality are Åseda and Lenhovda.

Uppvidingehus is building more flats so that more people can find accommodation.

Language groups in the locality

The municipality's language groups have varied with immigration and emigration. Swedish and English are spoken by most residents. Besides Swedish, the biggest language groups are currently Arabic and Somali. Dari, Persian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and German, among other languages, are also spoken.

If you are interested in practising your Swedish, you are welcome to the Church of Sweden's various language cafés and meeting venues held in Åseda, Lenhovda and Älghult parish houses.

Associations and organisations

Uppvidinge municipality concentrates on a rich association life and good public health. Within the association life the priority is on activities for children and young people.

On the municipality's register you can search for those associations you are interested in. There are around 200 different associations including those devoted to sports, culture, music and nature.

What is available in the immediate area

The municipality has several libraries ​with a wide selection of books for all ages. At the municipality's libraries you can also read daily newspapers and borrow magazines and audio books. You can rent films and search for information on the internet free of charge. To borrow from the library you need a library card which will be issued to you free of charge.

There are currently two staffed meeting venues (träffpunkt) organised by Uppvidinge municipality:

  • Träffpunkten Alstermo, Tallvägen 1B, open weekdays 11.00-19.00.
  • Träffpunkten Åseda, Södra Esplanaden 9, open weekdays 12.00-19.00.

Newly arrived can meet here and receive help with questions they might have and with the Swedish language. Various activities are organised, and you can take part in study circles. Around the municipality there are also other meeting venues with charity shops. In these you'll find everything from clothes and household appliances to inexpensive furniture. Lions flea market is located in Lenhovda and in Åseda and Älghult you'll find Kupan Röda Korset.​ In Åkvarn-Björkå you'll find Emmaus.​​

The social welfare service can be found at Storgatan 29 in Lenhovda. If you are part of the introduction initiative, you can get help from Arbetsförmedlingen in Växjö (Kronobergsgatan 18). They are open 09.00-16.00 on Mondays and 10.00-16.00 Tuesday-Friday. They close on the first two weekdays of every month.

Also in Lenhovda is Uppvidinge municipality's introduction unit (Villagatan 5), which welcomes unaccompanied children and young people as well as other newly arrived individuals and families. A team leader, three social welfare officers and two administrators work here.

The family centre in Åseda is a meeting place for children, young people and adults.

In all the urban areas you'll find food shops and there are pharmacies in Åseda and Lenhovda.

What is available in the immediate area


In Uppvidinge municipality there are ten municipal preschools and three private preschools. The preschool is a group teaching activity for children aged between 1 and 5 years. In general, the preschools are open all the year round and for a large part of the day, adapted to the parents' work hours, including holidays and the needs of the child.

In Åseda there is also an open preschool where all families with children aged between 0 and 6 years are welcome. Here you can play, sing, be taught, make contacts and extend your network.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

In Uppvidinge municipality there are five comprehensive schools and one upper secondary school. There are also after-school recreation centres aimed at school children aged between 6 and 13 years. On the municipality's website you can read more about the different schools and after-school recreation centres.

Uppvidinge also has an arts school​ where you can learn to play most instruments and receive tuition in dance, art and drama/theatre.

At Uppvidinge Upper Secondary School you have the option of tailoring your own education by choosing from among many different courses. The programme is taught in close collaboration with the business community, and you will have a laptop computer during your studies. There are plenty of opportunities for doing sports – during school hours as well. Upper secondary school also offers several different apprenticeship programmes.

Education opportunities

Uppvidinge Upper Secondary School offers ​adult education. Adult education is often studied together with upper secondary pupils which means that large parts of the courses which are offered are included in the upper secondary course programme. Uppvidinge UpperSecondary School also offers Grundvux where you can supplement a comprehensive school education. The adult education also offer distance learning within the nursing field.

Sfi tuition is available in Älghult and Åseda and social orientation is offered on an ongoing basis in several towns as required.​​​​

Health and medical care

In Lenhovda there is a refugee health centre ​​which offers healthcare and medical care for asylum seekers. The cost of the doctor's visit and medication is based on the benefits the asylum seeker receives.

In Uppvidinge there are three welfare centres in three towns which can accept if you have a permanent residence permit. Lenhovda and Åseda welfare centres are run by the county council and in Alstermo there is also HälsoCentralen Falken. ​All welfare centres also have child welfare centres.

There are several dentist clinics in the municipality. In Lenhovda and Alstermo you'll find national health dentists.

Interpreter assistance

If your native language is not Swedish, you are entitled to have access to an interpreter in all your contacts with the municipality or with government agencies, if you think this is necessary. Interpretation can now be offered in a wide variety of languages. Interpreters are hired through agencies and are of course bound by professional secrecy. You can also get interpreting help via Arbetsförmedlingen's telephone service, in several different languages, if the matter concerns your introduction plan. The municipality's introduction unit can handle English, Arabic and French.

Public transport

Public transport in the municipality is primarily provided by Länstrafiken Kronoberg and on its website you can find information regarding timetables and ticket prices.

From the larger town in the municipality there are good bus links to Växjö. From Växjö you can travel further into Sweden and overseas by train and air. However, it can be difficult to travel between some towns in the municipality which means long travelling times.

Work and entrepreneurship

The municipality with its 9,300 residents has around 1,100 companies which means that every 8th person you meet on the street runs a company. There are companies within almost every sector and catering to almost every need.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you can also contact Nyföretagarcentrum, which has an office in Åseda. They will give you free advice. If you need financing, advice or perhaps a mentor in order to succeed in your business venture, ALMI can be a good contact.

Some of the largest employers in the municipality are Profilgruppen, Amokabel, GFAB, Inwido and Uppvidinge municipality itself.

Companies in the municipality