Last updated: 7 10 2020

Arjeplog municipality is located next to Sweden’s deepest lake, Hornavan, in Lappland. We have an excess of beautiful countryside and opportunities for a broad range of outdoor activities. There are 8,727 lakes and watercourses, which makes Arjeplog Sweden’s most well-watered municipality, and this means that we have 2.5 lakes and around 3 km of waterside per inhabitant.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

14,494 km²

Distance to larger towns

  • Skellefteå 218 km
  • Luleå 240 km
  • Umeå 316 km
A car skidding on snow-covered ground, raising a cloud of snow.

In winter, the municipality has a strong international flavour, through the large-scale and very much expanding car testing operations. The region is a world-leader in testing vehicles and components in a cold climate, and Arjeplog is the hub of the testing industry. In the population centre, you are close to work, services and shops, and Stockholm is just over three hours away by air. Here, there is quality of life and a belief in the future.


The municipal Stiftelsen Arjeplogshus have several pleasant blocks of rented flats in the population centre. Here there are centrally located flats, close to schools and shops, with lake views and close to nature.

For refugees covered by the establishment legislation, the refugee coordinator will book a flat from Stiftelsen Arjeplogshus. On reception, the refugee will receive basic equipment for the flat, and this may be kept. The refugee reception will also buy the first bag of food including some basic goods to a value of around SEK 500 per adult. The refugee coordinator and the housing support officer show the refugee around Arjeplog and its surroundings. The refugee coordinator books appointments at the employment service, school, medical centre and, as necessary, with the dental clinic. The refugee also receives support from a housing support office to begin with, who can help with everyday contacts with any external municipalities and public authorities.

The locality of Arjeplog seen from the air. It lies between Lake Hornavan and Lake Uddjaur. Arjeplog church can be glimpsed among the trees and roofs.

Language groups in the locality

Some of the major languages are: Dari, Persian, Somali, Tigrinya, Amharic, English, Russian and German.

Associations and organisations

There are a number of churches in Arjeplog, among them the Church of Sweden, Pentecostal Church, EFS Mission Church and Jehova's Witnesses.

Arjeplog church, which is located by the water. The façade of the church is pink and its roof is black.

What is available in the immediate area

Shops, library, employment service, pharmacy, sports hall and indoor swimming pool, social services office, second-hand shop Återvinningsgården, Red Cross flea market, restaurants, café.

Eight boys are playing football outdoors. One of the boys is heading the ball towards the goal.


Arjeplog has both municipal and private nursery schools. There is no waiting list for the nursery school or after-school club for refugee children.

Arjeplog’s preschool on a sunny winter’s day. There is snow on the ground and on the school’s roof. In the foreground are three swings.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are comprehensive schools and an upper secondary school The upper secondary school has pupils applying to it from all over Sweden, due to its unique Technology programme with car system technology. In addition to this, pupils can choose from the Natural Science, Social Science or Economics programmes and the Building and Construction programme.

Two young people seated at a table in a classroom. In front of them on the table is a laptop computer which they are looking at.

Education opportunities

Social orientation for new arrivals (SO) takes place via video conference at Hornavanskolan. The entire SO course takes 100 hours. There is no waiting list for sfi teaching (swedish for immigrants). The municipality carries out sfi teaching during summer for those covered by the establishment legislation.

Sfi is available at Hornavanskolan, and the upper secondary school is responsible for both sfi for adults and sfi for young people. There is a preparatory class at Kyrkholmsskolan for younger teenagers of comprehensive school age.

Upper secondary education for adults and special adult education is available in Arjeplog, and there are also opportunities for distance studies at colleges and universities.

Read more about adult education in the municipality.

Health and medical care

There is a medical centre with the following competences: child healthcare, general medicine, midwife clinic, district nurse clinic, podiatry, emergency roo, and 24 hour primary care.

Interpreter assistance

There are opportunities for interpreter assistance in all contacts with public authorities. Interpreters are available via telephone.

Public transport

Länstrafiken Norrbotten has bus routes to and from Arjeplog on a daily basis. You can take the bus to the train station in Jörn (160 km from Arjeplog). There is an airport in Arvidsjaur (85 km from Arjeplog) and there is a bus connection. The silver express Skelleftebuss to Bodö in Norway (daily trips).

Work and entrepreneurship

The municipality is one of Arjeplog's largest employers, with around 300 employees. Within our administrations, in particular schools and elderly care, we often need locums for shorter or longer periods. Another large employer is the Swedish Transport Administration.

In winter, the car testing and even activities in Arjeplog require a large number of seasonal employees, who ensure our foreign guests and guest workers get the service they need. These cover everything from tractor and snow plough drivers, to keep the ice roads open, to hotel and restaurant staff and guides. Language skills are an advantage, as those who work within car testing and events activities will come into contact with people from lots of different countries.

Arjeplog municipality also has a large number of small companies in lots of different sectors, with one or two employees. Perhaps one of these companies need your particular skills? Please contact Arjeplog employment service.

A parking lot in front of the Tingsbacka office complex in Arjeplog. By the parking lot is a sign with the names of various municipal agencies.