Last updated: 2/12-2022

Arvidsjaur municipality is located in the centre of Lappland. Its surface is twice that of Blekinge county. Arvidsjaur is Sami, and means “the generous lake”. We have been selected the most charming municipality in Norrbotten, and work actively to maintain a high level of happiness for all our inhabitants.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

6126 km²

Most things are close at hand here, and everything is available within walking distance, just a few minutes' walk to the food shop, schools, medical centre and nursery schools. The opportunity to have a meaningful leisure time is an important for the municipality's development, and we constantly try to improve the range and in that way create even better prerequisites for the future of the municipality. You are very welcome here!


Arvidsjaur has many detached family houses, rented flats and tenant-owner flats. There are both private actors and a municipal housing company that administrate and offer pleasant flats, and it is easy to join the housing queue. There are also flats located some 10 km outside the population centre, if you prefer living there.

For persons included in the establishment reform, the refugee secretary will help to arrange housing, and ahead of a planned reception, the home is furnished with basic equipment. You may keep this equipment if you continue living in the municipality during the time you are part of the establishment.

Language groups in the locality

There are many different nationalities in Arvidsjaur, and the language groups present are Dari/Persian, Tigrinya, Arabic, Mongolian, Spanish, German, English, Italian and Thai.

Associations and organisations

The Church of Sweden has a congregation. There is no Muslim association in Arvidsjaur, but we are hoping to create one, as many inhabitants of the municipality are Muslims.

An Eritrean Orthodox priest visits the church in Arvidsjaur regularly to preach.

There is a varied range of associations, and for those interested in culture there are lots of different activities to take part in. The municipality has a culture school, with music and dance, a cinema, library, theatre association and an art association.

Visit our citizens' house with cinema, dance, theatre and concerts. The Sunday dance at the citizens' house is a fantastic opportunity to meet and get to know new people.

The study associations also offer a wide range of subjects and it is easy to create your own study circle, if you wish.

We have a leisure pool, ice rink, indoor riding school, snow scooter tracks, slalom slopes and lit Nordic skiing tracks, good hunting ground and lots of excellent fishing waters.

Many associations work actively with children and youth activities, which contributes to newly arrived families quickly becoming part of the municipal community.

Arvidsjaur's range of entertainment consists mainly of restaurants and pubs.

What is available in the immediate area

In Arvidsjaur you can find a library, food shops, bank, church, hairdressers, pharmacy, employment service, medical centre, public dental clinic, physiotherapists, indoor swimming pool/sports hall, slalom slope, ice rink, indoor riding school, lit running tracks, beach, playground, bus station, petrol stations, etc.

Unique to Arvidsjaur is the place Idéum

This is a place focusing on helping people to develop and reinforce their opportunities. Under the roof of Idéum, there is room for lots of different acitivities, projects and operations. Here is the refugee reception, immigration coordination, learning centre and a large carpentry and mechanical workshop. It is a natural meeting place for people from different cultures and circumstances.

At Idéum there is a immigration and integration coordinator. This person welcomes all new arrivals in Arvidsjaur municipality and works actively to ensure all feel at home in our municipality.

At the learning centre, you have access to study rooms, computers, printers and copiers. The education coordinator can help you with information or by arranging the course you need on location here in Arvidsjaur.

In Arvidsjaur, we have a service office for social insurance and the tax authority. The office is located in the entrance to the medical centre. The library is in the citizens' house. The employment service is located in the centre of Arvidsjaur. The social services office is in the municipality building.

Ånyo is our recycling shop in Arvidsjaur. Here you can find second-hand furniture and household goods at bargain prices. The Red Cross has a meeting place, where you can buy cheap second-hand articles and get free coffee.

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Waiting times for childcare are short; normally all children get a place within a week or two.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Arvidsjaur municipality offers education from nursery school up to further education level. At upper secondary level, there is healthcare education and apprentice education for restaurant and catering chefs.

Arvidsjaur also has a culture school where children and young persons are offered tuition in both dance and music.

Ringelskolan and Fridhemsskolan

Comprehensive schools in Arvidsjaur consist of Ringelskolan, offering teaching from pre-school to year 6, with around 400 pupils. Fridhemsskolan covers years 7 to 9.


The number of pupils studying at the various upper secondary programmes at Sandbackaskolan is more than 300, and around 55 persons work at the school.

Education opportunities

Teaching in Swedish for Immigrants, SfI, is done at Sandbackaskolan, and this school also arranges social orientation. SfI is organised in two classes, where class 1 is a beginners' class, concentrating on courses A and B. Class 2 teaches mainly the C and D courses.

Health and medical care

Arvidsjaur's medical centre also includes ante-natal and childcare clinics, emergency room and public dental clinic. Health interviews are carried out at the medical centre by a nurse.

Interpreter assistance

It is possible to get help with interpreting by telephone for contacts with public authorities.

Public transport

Communications to Arvidsjaur are good. From our airport, there are daily flights to Stockholm. There is also a connection to Germany during the winter months. You can reach the coast by car or bus in one and a half hours. During winter, many in the municipality use a skeleton sleigh to get about.

Work and entrepreneurship

Local employers are the car testing industry, the employment service's customer service, the defence forces, the prison service, Arvidsjaur municipality (healthcare and schools), the social insurance office, the mining industry and the forestry industry.