Last updated: 2/12-2022

Boden is a small town that is close to most things. Here there are opportunities for both town life and wilderness life in the same municipality. Boden also has a broad range of associations and opportunities to find good housing at reasonable prices. Around the central town, there are many smaller villages with a strong sense of entrepreneurship.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

4290 km²


In Boden, you can rent or buy your home. If you want to rent, there is a municipal housing company called BodenBo. The municipality's website has a list of all landlords and housing agencies in Boden.

Boden is also a reception municipality for newly arrived refugees, who are given housing via the Swedish Migration Board.

Language groups in the locality

The largest language groups apart from Swedish are Dari, Persian, Somali, Arabic, French, Tigrinya and Russian.

Associations and organisations

Boden has everything from sports clubs to cultural associations, as well as religious and political associations. So irrespective of whether you want to get into football, choir singing, cheerleading, chess or something else, there is an association for you. Most of the associations can be found in our association register.

Boden also has Somali associations and an Afhan association, as well as a multi-cultural association that you can contact via the study association ABF.


What is available in the immediate area

The Swedish Migration Board and Employment Service have offices in Boden. The municipality also has its own integration unit that can help you in contacts with public authorities or guide you to the right place with your questions.

In central Boden there is also a library and many shops. We also have several second-hand shops where you can buy inexpensive clothes and furniture. Central Boden also has the Red Cross shop Kupan and the recycling market Återvinningsmarknaden. A little bit away from the centre is the Pentecostal Church's second-hand shop.

There are also several food shops, among them Willys, ICA and Coop.

Charity shop


Boden has both municipal and private nursery schools. In order for your child to start nursery school, you must apply for a place, which you can do on the municipality's website. If you need help with the application, please contact the municipality's integration unit. You can also talk to your church to hear if there is any day-time activities, such as singing sessions for children and parents.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Boden has several comprehensive schools, attended by children aged 6 to 16 years. Children with a first language other than Swedish start in a preparatory class and then transfer to the ordinary school.

Boden also has an upper secondary school for young people aged 16 to 20 years. There are several programmes to choose from depending on interest, such as technology, music, social studies, vehicles or healthcare. You can find more information about the various programmes on the Björknäsgymnasiet website. If Swedish is not your first language, you must start in a preparatory class.

Education opportunities

As an adult, you can get education in several ways. The municipality's learning centre has several courses intended for new arrivals. Here you can study Swedish for Immigrants, SfI. You can also do targeted education courses for people whose first language is not Swedish.

In Boden, you are also close to Luleå University, where you can continue studying at further education level.

Health and medical care

There are four medical centres in Boden, located in Björknäs, Sanden, Erikslund and Harads. Where you live determines which medical centre you should contact. Most of the medical centres also offer ante-natal care and child healthcare clinic. Björknäs also has a dental clinic.

A little bit outside Boden there is also Sunderby Hospital, which is the largest hospital in the county. Here you can find specialist medical care in most areas. In order to be cared for here, you must first see a doctor at your medical centre.

If you become ill and need help in the evening or at the weekend, you should telephone 1177 for advice.

If you have a life-threatening illness and need immediate care, irrespective of the time of day, you should telephone 112.

Interpreter assistance

There are opportunities to get help from an interpreter via telephone for most contacts with public authorities.

Public transport

Boden has county traffic by bus, departing from the travel centre at the railway station. There are also trains, going northwards towards Kiruna or southwards towards Umeå, Stockholm and southern Sweden.

Boden also has local public transport. Timetables and routes for the buses can be found on the local public transport website.

Luleå airport is located 42 km from Boden. From here, you can fly both within Sweden and abroad.

Read more about public transport in the municipality.

Work and entrepreneurship

Boden municipality is the largest employer in the municipality, with around 2,500 employees. We often need locums for shorter or longer periods within areas such as elderly care. The municipality also has the armed services as a large employer.

The largest private employer in the municipality is Inre Kraft, which works with personal assistance.

If you want to start your own company, you can get help via the Entreprenörcentrum.