Last updated: 2/12-2022

Here you can live a life close to nature, with access to a great variety of leisure activities in culture and sport. We have fantastic schools and preschools, with a large proportion of trained teachers and small classes.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

8051 km²


There are plots of land for sale in all parts of Pajala municipality, sold by the municipality as well as by private landowners. In several of our villages it is also possible to build close to the riverbank.

There are two major housing companies in the municipality. Pajalabostäder is municipal and Tornhem privately owned, and there are many individual landlords as well. Tenant-owned flats are available for purchase in the centre.

Language groups in the locality

Pajala municipality is the administrative municipality for Finnish and Meänkieli. But the municipality is multicultural, and interpreters are available for various languages if necessary.

Associations and organisations

In the municipality there are a large number of associations with different emphases. For example, sports associations, cultural associations, churches and different communions. On the municipality's website you can search in the association register for an association which matches your interests.

What is available in the immediate area

The centre has restaurants, supermarkets and shops. There is also a library, and Arbetsförmedlingen has an agency here.

Several of our villages have libraries, supermarkets, filling stations and pharmacy and Systembolaget agents.

The Red Cross runs Kupan, a charity shop selling second-hand clothes, furniture and household utensils.


There are several municipal preschools in our villages. They have small groups of children and spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. The children get swimming lessons from the age of five.

Additionally, the church holds open preschool two days a week.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Several of the villages have secondary schools, up to Year 9 in six of our bigger villages. Upper secondary school studies on several different theoretical and practical programmes are also possible in the centre. The municipality collaborates with Gällivare and Jokkmokk in order to broaden the choice of programmes.

Education opportunities

SFI is also available in the centre, at Kunskapssmedjan. Distance learning university programmes are also available there, via the Lapland Learning Centres (Lapplands Lärcentra). You can train in several different occupational areas and pursue distance academic studies via the Lapland Learning Centres.

The Learning Centres also work closely with businesses to offer occupational training programmes that match demand in the labour market.

Health and medical care

The centre of Pajala has a health centre and a youth advice centre as well as an accident and emergency ward and Folktandvården, the public dental service. Several of the villages have district nurses.

Interpreter assistance

If you need an interpreter, contact the municipality on 0978-120 00.

Public transport

Pajala Airport has daily flights to Luleå. There are also flights to Tallinn every two weeks. There is also an extensive bus network.

Work and entrepreneurship

Pajala municipality is the biggest employer in the municipality, followed by Region Norrbotten. The health and medical care services are hiring staff, and their needs will grow further. Do you want run your own business? Pajala Utveckling AB (PUAB) is a business support company that can help you get started as well as when your are running your business.