Last updated: 2/12-2022

Hallsberg municipality lies in southern Närke, on the border between the plains and the forest. Throughout the municipality, there are sports fields, lovely country for picking berries and mushrooms, forest hills and beaches that invite visits with a picnic basket and fishing rods to hand.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

670 km²

Associations and the cultural scene offer everything from world-class jazz to study circles on all possible subjects via major handball and football tournaments to wall paintings by Carl Larsson.


Liking your housing is important for quality of life. Are you about to move to Hallsberg, or are you looking for a new home? Hallsberg municipality's website has summary information for persons looking for housing.

The largest manager and administrator of rented flats in Hallsberg is the municipal company Hallbo. If you want to join the housing queue or find more information about its properties, you can find this on Hallbo's website.

Language groups in the locality

People from various parts of the world live in the municipality. Examples of languages spoken are Arabic, Dari, Persian, Somali, Russian, Tigrinya, Thai, Karen, Burmese, Finnish and English.

Associations and organisations

There are around 120 associations in Hallsberg municipality, offering differing activities. Here you can find everything from sports clubs to local history associations and cultural associations.

What is available in the immediate area

Hallsberg municipalty covers a large area and Hallsberg is the main population centre. Other population centres are Hjortkvarn, Pålsboda, Sköllersta, Östansjö and Vretstorp. In these smaller population centres there are food shops, school and childcare, a wide range of associations, beautiful landscape and good commuting opportunities.

Örebro has the nearest offices for the Tax Authority, Social Insurance and Migration Board. The employment service is in Hallsberg.


Nursery schools and after-school clubs are provided for children aged from 1 year to the end of the spring term of the year the child turns 13. The home municipality is responsible for ensuring children registered in Sweden are offered these types of care. Children who attend our activities shall have fun and learn, and feel secure. Children get to play, create, and investigate on their own, in groups and with the help of adults. Read more about childcare on Hallsberg's website.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive schools is obligatory and consists of nine academic years. Each academic year is divided up into two terms, an autumn and a spring term. Before pupils start school, there is a pre-school class, which is voluntary for six-year-olds.

Hallsberg has a total of seven comprehensive schools. Around 1,500 pupils attend these in total. All schools have pre-school classes and after-school clubs, apart from Transtenskolan, which is for years 7–9. Read more about comprehensive schools in Hallsberg.

The upper secondary school in Hallsberg municipality is called Alléskolan and is operated by Sydnärke educational association.

Education opportunities

Are you an adult and want to study in Hallsberg? There are good opportunities for studies within Hallsberg municipality.

Adult education within Sydnärkes educational association offers a number of study opportunities for adults. Read more on Sydnärke educational association's website.

Health and medical care

Hallsberg has several medical centres. There areHallsberg medical centre and Pålsboda medical centre.

Interpreter assistance

Hallsberg municipality uses interpreter and translator services from Örebro as necessary.

Public transport

Hallsberg municipality is a hub for roads and railways. It is easy to get to Hallsberg municipality by train, car or bus. In Hallsberg, railways from all points of the compass meet up. The municipality also has the E 20 main road and national roads 50, 51 and 52. There are also a number of smaller roads, of which many are wonderful travel routes by either bicycle or car.

On SJ's website you can find information about railways and book your train journey.

Länstrafiken is responsible for public transport in Örebro county.


Work and entrepreneurship

Hallsberg municipality has a good business climate, based on well-developed collaboration between all actors within business. There are around 1,200 companies in the municipality, of which many are well-run small businesses. We have industries with high technical competency and quality.

Hallsberg is located where the Western trunk line, the Mälaren trunk link and the Svealand trunk line meet, and has remarkably good communications and beautiful surroundings. The closeness to educational centres and various cultural activities makes the location of the municipality very attractive. Read more about the Hallsberg's business sector.