Last updated: 2/12-2022

Laxå is well located in Sweden with good connections to most major cities, both along the railroad and E20, which runs between Stockholm and Gothenburg but also very good connections to, among others, Örebro, Kumla and Hallsberg, which are accessible by train within 15 to 30 minutes.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

737 km²

The Laxå municipality consists of the main locality Laxå and smaller localities Finnerödja, Hasselfors, Röfors and Tived. Within the whole of Laxå municipality, we have beautiful nature with very big forests and many great rivers. During the summer months, Laxå is a frequently visited municipality, where the national park in Tiveden has tens of thousands of visitors.


The municipal housing company, AB Laxåhem offers nice flats both in the suburbs and in the smaller localities Finnerödja and Hasselfors. There are also private landlords, who rent out in these localities as well as in Röfors and Tiveden.

A big private housing company is IFH Properties Laxå AB.

Language groups in the locality

Here there are many different nationalities and the biggest languages at present are Tigrinya, Arabic, Thai and Dari/Persian.

Associations and organisations

The Swedish church and several free churches are represented in the district. There is no Muslim association in the locality; however, there is a mosque and other associations in Örebro.

The great variety of associations in the municipality provides good opportunities to be active. There are also illuminated ski tracks, sports halls, stadiums and youth recreation centres. The Laxå motor club and the football club Lakå IF are two big associations.

What is available in the immediate area

There is a library, the Swedish Public Employment Service, pharmacy, municipality offices with a reception for the newly arrived and a number of shops, among others, grocery stores and second-hand shops. Here, you will also find many restaurants. There is also a sports hall, a multi-arena (outdoor) and a gym.

Marieberg shopping mall and Ikea in Örebro are 4.5 Swedish miles away and can be easily reached by train or bus.


Here, there are municipal activities both in Laxå, Hasselfors, Finnerödja and Tived. There is often a short waiting time for both preschool and leisure-time centres.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

The municipal primary and lower secondary school is located in the city. For younger children (grade 1-3), there is also a municial primary and lower secondary school in Finnerödja. We have good gateway and preparatory classes for the newly arrived children and youth in the suburbs. The upper secondary school is located in Hallsberg.

Education opportunities

The municipality works with other municipalities in Sydnärke and SFI, adult education and education for adults with cognitive disabilities is located in Hallsberg at Allévux (15 min by train). The municipality conducts SO training in collaboration with other county municipalities. There are a number of public university colleges at a good distance and in Örebro, there is a university.

Health and medical care

Healthcare centre, maternity clinic and children's clinic are located in the Laxå city centre. Specialist care is available both at the general hospital in Karlskroga and at the University hospital in Örebro. Public dental clinic is available in the locality.

Interpreter assistance

It is possible to get the help of an interpreter upon contact with the authorities. These contacts are often made on telephone.

Public transport

Laxå is nestled conveniently in Sweden with good connections to most major cities.

We are located both along the railroad and on E20, which runs between Stockholm and Gothenburg. We also have good connections, among others, to Örebro, which can be reached by train in 30 mins.

Work and entrepreneurship

The municipality is the biggest employer in the locality and in many parts of the administration, substitutes are often required especially for the care of the elderly and in school. In the coming years, many will go into retirement, which means that the need for labour within the organisation will increase.

There are many small companies in the locality especially in the manufacturing industry with very few employees. Perhaps you want to be one of them? Or perhaps, eventually you want to start your own business?

The area in the Örebro County is establishing itself as a logistics centre for the whole country. There is a big postal processing facility in Hallsberg. Other big employers are ESAB in Laxå, Volvo in Hallsberg and Ericsson in Kumla. There are good connections available to get to Hallsberg, Kummla and Örebro.