Last updated: 2/12-2022

One of the advantages to living in Lindesberg municipality is the accessibility of what it has to offer in the form of recreational and cultural activities, to nature and to the world outside.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1480 km²

The municipality is made up of a number of communities, including Frövi, Fellingsbro, Vedevåg, Storå and Guldsmedshyttan. The central community is Lindesberg. Bus and train connections are good, as is the road network. The business community in the municipality and the surrounding area is diverse, with the focus on manufacturing industry.


The most common form of accommodation is in rented flats with 1-3 bedrooms in two or three-storey buildings, but terraced and detached houses are also available. The biggest rental companies are Lindesbergsbostäder, Egeryds, Samuel Karlsson Fastigheter, Byggnadsfirman Lund, and there are also several smaller companies.

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Language groups in the locality

Arabic, Kurdish, Somali, Dari, Bosnian, Tigrinya, Kirundi, Karen and many others.

Associations and organisations

Lindesberg municipality has many sports associations, most of which are for football, handball, volleyball and judo. Many different sports are played in Lindesberg Arena, which often fills up with adults and young people interested in sports.

There is a Somali association and an African cultural association. Örebro, which has many religious and cultural associations, is nearby.

The Church of Sweden, the Kristina Church and the Pentecostal Church organise activities for newly arrived refugees, with get-togethers at least once a week. The Red Cross has activities including homework sessions, Swedish practice and handicrafts for women.

There is a meeting point where many new arrivals live, with activities including practice in using Swedish. Homework help is available for children whose parents are unable to help them. Study circles are organised on various themes, e.g. democracy or theoretical tests for driving licences. It is also a place where tenants and landlords meet if there are any problems requiring a dialogue. There is also a space for prayer.

What is available in the immediate area

There is a local employment agency in Lindesberg, as well as a service centre for the Tax Agency, the Pensions Agency and the Social Insurance Agency. Lindesberg also has a library, with branches in Storå, Frövi and Fellingsbro. The municipality's social welfare office is in Lindesberg.

There are several big supermarkets such as Lidl, ICA, Hemköp and Willys. There are also several specialist supermarkets with products from the Middle East, and several shops selling second-hand items, in the municipality and in Örebro.

There is an IKEA about 50 km from Lindesberg.


All the larger communities have preschools. Lindesberg also has a family centre, where parents-to-be and young families with children aged 0-6 can meet, play, have coffee and receive parenting support.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There is a municipal upper secondary school – Lindesskolan. It offers pupils a wide and varied choice of theoretical programmes in preparation for higher education and vocational programmes. In total there are 14 programmes at the school. Regardless of which programme you choose, you can combine your studies with Sports college.

Språkintroduktionen (language introduction, abbreviated SI in Swedish) is intended for pupils who are not native Swedish speakers and who want to qualify for a national upper secondary programme. SI is also intended for those who want to continue their studies at a folk high school or begin working.

There are comprehensive schools (secondary level) in Lindesberg, Storå and Frövi. All the larger communities have primary and lower secondary schools.

Education opportunities

The Masugnen labour market administration is Lindesberg municipality's learning centre, and serves as a meeting place, an intermediary and a driving force – for work and learning.

Masugnen is in charge of:

  • adult education at the secondary and upper secondary level
  • teaching Swedish to immigrants
  • refugee reception
  • special needs adult education
  • vocational adult education
  • higher vocational education
  • coordination of higher education
  • contract education
  • employment training

The labour market unit is a separate entity at Masugnen. It is involved mainly with people who need activation and support in order to get closer to employment and/or studies.

Fellingsbro Folk High School runs a general course for immigrants at Masugnen.

The municipality arranges civic information courses in new arrivals' native languages in collaboration with the other municipalities in Örebro county.

Health and medical care

Medical care centres and national dental health care services are available in Lindesberg, Storå, Frövi and Fellingsbro. There is a hospital in LIndesberg with an emergency ward and other specialities. The paediatric and obstetrics centres are in Lindesberg. Örebro has a university hospital.

Interpreter assistance

We use an interpreting service in Örebro that is operated by the County Council. They can provide both interpreting on location and by telephone. There are plenty of interpreters for most languages.

Public transport

Tåg i Bergslagen serves the municipality, with stops in Lindesberg, Storå and Frövi. There are many bus connections between Örebro and the municipality's various parts. Possibilities for commuting are good.

Work and entrepreneurship

Big employers in the private sector include: Meritor, BillerudKorsnäs Frövi, Korsnäs Rockhammar AB, Nammo LIAB AB, PorPac AB and Linde Maskiner AB. In the public sector, both Lindesberg municipality and Lindesberg general hospital are important workplaces with many employees.

The municipality can arrange information sessions about starting your own business, and also provide personal guidance.