Last updated: 2/12-2022

Ljusnarsberg municipality lies in scenic Bergslagen, with clean air and access to many different experiences of nature. Quality of life is high here, whether you live in the population centre or in the countryside. There are a couple of big and growing companies in the municipality, and Ljusnarsberg has plenty of faith in the future.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

631 km²


There are a number of vacant smaller flats in the municipality, in the population centre or in the countryside. There are around ten different property owners. More information is available on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

Integration Bergsgården has received refugees from the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco and Liberia. The municipality's new arrivals speak the following languages: Arabic, English, Somali, Amharic, Tigrinya, Spanish, French, Persian and Dari.

Associations and organisations

Ljusnarsberg municipality has several sports clubs, and football is the biggest sport.

ABF offers civic information and Swedish for immigrants to asylum seekers and those waiting for a municipal placement.

The Red Cross has different activities for asylum seekers and those with a municipal placement every week.

The Church of Sweden has also been helpful with Swedish for immigrants.

What is available in the immediate area

In Kopparberg is a small town centre with a market square. The library has internet and books and magazines in different languages. Shops, banks and several second-hand stores are found along the main street. A social welfare office, Integration Bergsgården, a pharmacy, tourist office etc. are all within walking distance. The Employment Service and Social Insurance Agency have offices in Lindesberg.

Gillersklack is a large recreational facility with an indoor swimming pool, a spa, jogging trails with electric lighting and ski sports centre. There is also a bowling alley in the centre of the community.


Communication, joy and cooperation are keywords in a solution-focused pedagogy where all the varied forms of expression and abilities of children are tried and encouraged in a relational, democratic and optimistic learning process. Our preschools and schools are small and offer a stimulating pedagogic environment with qualified staff.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Our approach is based on the concept of lifelong learning, from the time that the child gets a place in preschool until adult education. Our schools are small and provide a good learning environment with qualified staff.

Our upper secondary pupils commute by bus or train to Lindeskolans gymnasium in Lindesberg. Lindeskolan offers a variety of different programmes.

Education opportunities

Municipal adult education in Kopparberg offers courses in Sfi (Swedish for immigrants). Ljusnarsberg municipality has an integration coordinator who is in charge of organising and coordinating reception. Many courses and programmes can also be done through distance learning.

Civic information courses are given in collaboration with all the other municipalities in Örebro County. This means that everyone, regardless of what their native language is, can have civic information lessons in that language. Courses are held at different locations in the county depending on the language and the number of participants.

Health and medical care

Kopparberg's medical care centre has a district doctor's consultancy, an obstetrics centre (MVC), a paediatric centre (BVC) and national dental health care services.

The asylum and integration health service in Lindesberg provides emergency care, MVC and BVC to asylum seekers.

For other emergencies, turn to Lindesberg Lasarett (general hospital).

Interpreter assistance

The municipality uses interpreter services in Ludvika or Borlänge when necessary. Integration Bergsgården in Kopparberg has access to 10 different languages.

Public transport

Tågkompaniet and Tåg i Bergslagen run on the railway that passes Kopparberg. Länstrafiken has bus connections with Lindesberg and Örebro, Ludvika and Borlänge. The journey to Lindesberg by train or bus takes about 30 minutes, to Örebro about an hour, to Ludvika about 20 minutes and to Borlänge about an hour. Buses or trains depart every hour.

Work and entrepreneurship

Kopparberg brewery, Ljusnarberg municipality and Ahlstrom are the three biggest employers in the municipality. ABB has a big plant in Ludvika, and Grängesberg brewery is within 25 km.

Ahlstrom regularly advertises for industrial workers, and Kopparberg brewery regularly needs warehouse staff, computer engineers etc. The medical care centre is looking for general practitioners and nurses. The municipality is looking for preschool teachers, nurses and assistant nurses.