Last updated: 14 11 2022

Welcome to Motala – Östergötland’s harbour town! In Motala, it is easy to live an active life, with lots of room for spontaneity and choice. Here, the prerequisites are good for an active life in every way – beaches, sports, nature, fishing, boating, culture, associations – and lots more. The fact that everything is nearby and easily accessible increases the value further. Do you want to try out a rather greater life in a smaller town? Come to Motala.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1,267 km²

Distance to larger towns

  • Linköping 46 km
  • Norrköping 84 km
  • Stockholm 238 km
  • Göteborg 270 km
Aerial view of Motala, with Lake Vättern in the background


The location close to the water offers many fine locations for housing. In Motala municipality, there are rented flats, tenant-owner flats and single-family homes. Rented flats are available from various property owners, among them the municipal company Platen. You can find other landlords on Motala municipality's website. Tenant-owner flats and single-family houses can be found on Hemnet and more information about the various housing areas in Motala is available on the municipality's website. Are you looking for a building plot? Join the building plot queue.

Language groups in the locality

Major language groups in Motala municipality are Arabic, Dari/Pashtu/Persian, Somali, Tigrinya, Finnish, Kirundi, French, Sorani/Kurmanji, Polish, Romani, Arli, Russian, Spanish, Syrian, Thai and Vietnamese.​

Associations and organisations

Motala has many special interest associations, such as ethnic associations or leisure activity associations. If you are looking for any particular association, you can find them in the municipality's association register. Here are some of the associations:​

  • Arabic friendship association
  • Bosnian association Liljan
  • Croatian associations
  • Kurdish association
  • Somali cultural association
  • Syrian association
  • Syrian Orthodox Church's youth association
  • Syrian Orthodox Church Mariakyrkan
  • South Africa committee

What is available in the immediate area

Motala municipality can answer your questions at the reception of the municipality house by telephone 0141-22 50 00 or on location at Drottninggatan 2, 591 35 Motala.

Bryggan – introduction unit for new arrivals in Motala municipality

At Bryggan, people with different skills work together to ensure all new arrivals in Motala get a reception that is equal in value. Motala municipality meets all new arrivals, of all ages, and guide them on to the employment service and Swedish for Immigrants courses. All children and young persons meet one of Bryggan's development managers to map their schooling background. The development manager is responsible for providing information about the municipality's childcare and the Swedish school system, and accompanies the child to the receiving school to introduce the new pupil. The first visit to the school nurse takes place already at Bryggan. We can also help with contacting various associations, if you so wish.

Motala Town Hall.


Read more about childcare and the open nursery school on Motala municipality's website.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

In Motala municipality, there are pre-school classes (from 6 years), comprehensive schools (from 7 years, obligatory schooling for 9 years) and upper secondary schools (3 years after completed comprehensive schooling) with several programmes: Children and Leisure, Building and Construction, Economics, Electricity and Energy, Vehicles and Transport, Apprenticeship, Humanities programme, Industrial Technology, Introductory programme, Culture, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology and Health and Personal Care. You can find information about all schools and programmes on the municipality's website.

A group of young people in a school setting, with their arms around each other.

Education opportunities

Motala municipality offers adult education of various types, such as vocational college education within measurement technology, dementia care/assistant nurse, and qualified nurse within psychiatry and personal care. We also offer Swedish for Immigrants (SfI), chef training, some further education within production technology and nursery school and school teacher training. There are also opportunities for entrepreneurship training for those who want to start their own business, and also support from Nyföretagarcentrum.

Health and medical care

Read more about health and medical careon Motala municipality's website.

Interpreter assistance

If you have an appointment with a municipal official and speak another language than Swedish, you are entitled to an interpreter. The official will arrange this.

Public transport


From the south: E4 to Ödeshög, where you change to national road 50 towards Örebro.

From the north: national road 50 towards Jönköping takes you all the way to Motala.

From the east: E4 to Linköping, where you change to national road 34 (formerly 36) to Motala.

Close-up of a field of rapeseed in flower, with a forest and a cottage in the background.

Work and entrepreneurship

The biggest employers in Motala are Motala municipality, Region Östergötland, Autoliv Electronics, Motala Verkstad, Poppelstaden Omsorgsförvaltning and Proxima Specialistvård. The biggest employer in Borensberg is Arla Plast, and within commuting distance from Motala (about 40 minutes by train) there are also employment opportunities in Linköping.