Last updated: 2/12-2022

Linköping is Sweden’s fifth largest municipality, and is one of Sweden’s fastest growing municipalities, with 150,000 inhabitants. World-class high technology, an innovative university and lively trade characterises the city.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1568 km²

An important growth factor is the close collaboration between business, municipality and the university, and an ever more intense collaboration with Norrköping and other neighbouring municipalities.


There is no municipal housing administration in Linköping; the housing companies are responsible themselves for information about vacant flats and the management of any queueing system. Instead, the municipality in consultation with each property owner has drawn up a list of those who wish to be included on our information page. The municipality also has aplot queue for sales of newly designated building plots, and there are currently vacant plots that do not require any queueing.

Language groups in the locality

There are many nationalities and language groups in Linköping, and large language groups are Somali, Arabic, Romani, Persian, Sorani and English.

Children and young persons with a first language other than Swedish are entitled to first language teaching in comprehensive school and upper secondary school. 

Linköping municipality has translated information on its website in many different areas, such as childcare, schools, financial assistance, trustees, elderly care and libraries. More information is available in: Arabic, Somali, Persian, Romani, Sorani and English​.

Associations and organisations

Many of Linköping's inhabitants are engaged in one of the many associations available. There are associations for areas such as sports, chess, music, art, animals and nature, alpine matters and history – to mention only a few.

What is available in the immediate area

Linköping municipality hs two citizen's offices, one in the city centre and one in Skäggetorp, which can answer general questions and provide general information and guidance. There are also other societal services, such as employment service, social insurance and a tax office in Linköping. In the city centre, there is a large range of shops and restaurants, and on the outskirts is Tornby, which is an large area with several supermarkets. There are also a number of second-hand shops, where you can buy cheap clothing, household goods and furniture. Linköping has several indoor swimming pools and sports halls/arenas. They are used for football, ice hockey and athletics, among other sports. There is also a municipally run leisure activity for 13–16 year olds.


For children aged 1-5 years who need childcare, there are nursery schools and family day nurseries. Linköping has both municipal and private nursery schools, with various specialisations. On the municipality's comparison site, you can look at the range and compare nursery schools, family day nurseries, after-school clubs and open leisure activities.

Linköping municipality also has several open nursery schools/family centres. The open nursery schools are a meeting place for parents of young children.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Linköping has around 56 comprehensive schools and 17 upper secondary schools. There are both private and municipal schools. The schools offer various profiles and specialisations. On the municipality's comparison site, you can look at the range and compare comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools, and special comprehensive schools. During the first time at school, there are also international classes for newly arrived pupils.

Education opportunities

Linköping has a large university, Linköping University, several folk high schools and municipal adult education. Teaching in Swedish for Immigrants, SfI, gives newly arrived refugees or immigrants basic knowledge of Swedish.

Health and medical care

At 1177 Vårdguiden, you can ask questions and get advice and also find summary information about health and medical care in Linköping. You can either visit the website or telephone 1177. You can also visit Region Östergötland.

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to help from an interpreter of your language when contacting public authorities. In Linköping municipality we use interpreters for all meetings that require it, for example parents' meetings, development interviews and social services interviews.

Public transport

There is a large travel centre, which is the hub for all trains and buses within the county. Östgötatrafiken operates commuter trains between Norrköping, Linköping, Mjölby and Tranås. The well established public transport in Linköping makes it easy to move about within the municipality. If you want to borrow and environment car, there are car pools in several places in the city. More information about communications and public transport is available on Östgötatrafiken.

Work and entrepreneurship

Major employers in Linköping include Linköping municipality, Region Östergötland, Saab AB, Linköping University and Ericsson AB.