Last updated: 2/12-2022

Ydre is one of the country’s smallest municipalities. Dense forests, expansive meadowland and hundreds of lakes - that's Ydre! You are near to nature here and the stress of the city is far removed, although there are services close at hand. Most people are employed within the manufacturing industry, trade, agriculture and forestry, and public services.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

779 km²


The municipality has four urban areas, Österbymo, Hestra, Rydsnäs and Asby. Österbymo is the largest urban area with around 860 residents. There are flats to rent here in blocks of flats and semidetached houses. In Hestra there are around 480 residents. Most people here live in their own private houses but there are also flats to rent in semidetached houses. Rydsnäs has around 290 residents and most people live in their own private houses here. In Asby there are around 190 residents and most people here live in private houses as well, but there are also flats to rent in semidetached houses. The municipal housing company which rents out flats is called Ydrebostäder AB and it has around 270 flats in total. The municipality has around 1,800 households and 1,200 holiday homes.

Language groups in the locality

Swedish, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Bosnian, Somalian, Arabic, Dara and Persian are currently spoken.

Associations and organisations

The Church of Sweden, Pentecostal Church, Mission Covenant Church of Sweden and around 100 associations are active in the municipality.

What is available in the immediate area

In Österbymo there are amongst other things municipal offices, a library, social services offices, immigration reception, a welfare centre, chemist, tourist information, second-hand stores, a grocery store, banks, flower shops, ironmongers, restaurants and cafés. In Hestra there is a gift and flower shop which also has a café. From Hestra you can take a bus to Österbymo or Tranås with the journey taking about 20 minutes. In Asby there is a village shop and a second-hand shop. In winter you can also ski and snowboard in Asbybacken. There are good bathing opportunities in delightful lakes near to each urban centre. Every summer the municipality offers summer swimming schools in Rydsnäs in Lake Lägern and at Asby Sand in Lake Sommen.


Preschools and after-school recreation centres are located in each urban centre.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Ydreskolan (in Österbymo) – preschool class, year 1-3, year 4-5 and year 6-9.

Hestraskolan (in Hestra) – preschool class, year 1-5.

Upper secondary schools are located in Tranås and Eksjö.

Education opportunities

The municipality provides adult education and sfi in neighbouring municipalities. Sfi is located in Tranås at Västra Vux Lärcentrum. You can take the number 630 bus there from Österbymo and the journey takes about 45 minutes.

Health and medical care

In Österbymo there is a welfare centre, midwives, a child health centre, national dental health service practices and a chemist.

Social care, health care and medical care in the municipality

Interpreter assistance

The municipality's immigration reception and other administrations use telephone interpreting if required.

Public transport

Communications within Ydre. Bus 630 operates between Österbymo and Tranås. From Tranås you can take a train to Linköping/Stockholm or Nässjö/Jönköping. Bus 631 operates between Österbymo and Eksjö. From Eksjö you can take a local train (Krösatåget) to, for example, Nässjö, Jönköping/Göteborg and Växjö with changes.

Work and entrepreneurship

The economy in Ydre municipality is comprised mainly of small and medium-sized businesses. The major share of the companies within Ydre are one-man companies or have just a few employees. Ydre has a larger proportion of employees working within agriculture and forestry compared with the county and country overall. The manufacturing industry is the branch of industry which employs the most men and the health and nursing sectors employ the most women. Then there is the construction industry which employs the mostly men and education which employs women to a greater extent than men. The companies within Ydre which offer the most jobs are Camfil AB, Ydre Skåp AB and Ydre-Grinden AB. Many of Ydre's residents commute to work outside the municipality in Tranås and Eksjö primarily. Major employers in Tranås ate the public sector - the municipality and within the private sector - Bosch Termoteknik/IVT, Strömsholmen, OEM and EFG. Many residents in Eksjö work at the hospital.