Last updated: 2/12-2022

In Helsingborg municipality, you are close to the sea and to Europe. 20 minutes by ferry will take you to our neighbouring country of Denmark. By train, you can get to Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen quickly. Helsingborg centre has many shops, restaurants and cafés. In the town there are plenty of parks, and you are close to the beach, the forest and the countryside.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

423 km²


Helsingborg municipality has more than 130,000 inhabitants. Many live in flats and some in detached houses. There are flats to rent and flats to buy. The municipal housing company Helsingborgshem rents out housing. There is a housing queue you can apply to join. Helsingborgshem has flats in the town, but also in Kattarp, Mörarp, Påarp and Ödåkra. If you want to buy a flat or other housing, you can search for estate agents in Helsingborg on the internet.

Language groups in the locality

People from many different parts of the world live in Helsingborg municipality. Apart from Swedish and Danish, many Helsingborgers speak Arabic, Persian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Polish, Badinani and other Kurdish dialects.

Associations and organisations

There are many associations in Helsingborg. Some are sports clubs involved with everything from football to parcours. You can find more information about the associations in Helsingborg can be found on the municipality's website. You can also search the association register to find an association. Helsingborg also has many immigrant associations, and you can read more about them on the municipality's website.

What is available in the immediate area


Helsingborg's contact centre is located at Terrasstrapporna in Helsingborg centre. You can contact them if you want to ask any questions of Helsingborg municipality. You can visit in person, send an email or telephone – see the municipality's website for contact details.

Outdoors in central Helsingborg, you can surf the internet for free. You can log on with your computer, tablet or mobile to the municipality's wireless network, so-called wi-fi. The network is called "Helsingborg". The employment service is at Södergatan 39. New arrivals can contact the employment service once they have received their residence permits.


There are many shops in central Helsingborg. There are also lots of shops at Väla shopping centre outside Helsingborg. It includes the furniture shop IKEA. There are also several second-hand shops in the municipality.


The largest library in Helsingborg municipality is Helsingborg town library, and it is at the park, Stadsparken on Bollbrogatan 1. It has lots of books in various languages. On the library's website you can see when the libraries are open.


Your child can attend nursery school from the age of one year and up until starting school at the age of six or seven years. There are 130 nursery schools in Helsingborg municipality, and they may have differing focuses, such as a Swedish-Arabic nursery school or a nursery school for children with allergies or asthma.

Several nursery nurses or nursery teachers take care of your child at the nursery school. Helsingborg town's website has a list of both municipal and private nursery schools. The municipality's nursery schools are called Kunskapsstaden Helsingborg, and the private are called independent nursery schools.

There are several family centres in Helsingborg municipality. You and your children can go there to meet other parents and children. On the municipality's website, you can see which family centre is the closest to where you live.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are around 60 comprehensive schools in Helsingborg municipality. The schools may vary in focus, such as music, dance, natural sciences or languages. There is also a dual-language Swedish-Arabic school and an entirely English-speaking school.

There are around 20 upper secondary schools in Helsingborg municipality. The schools focus on sport, dance, theatre, music, natural sciences and crafts, for example. The schools operated by the municipality are called Kunskapsstaden Helsingborg. The schools run privately are called independent schools.

Education opportunities

Helsingborg municipality is responsible for teaching you how Swedish society works. The municipality is also responsible for teaching you Swedish language. This education is called SfI (Swedish for Immigrants). On Helsingborg town's website, you can read more about Swedish for Immigrants and how to apply to the SfI course.

With adult education in Helsingborg you can supplement your upper secondary education. Helsingborg also has Campus Helsingborg, which is a part of Lund university. It includes a programme aimed at adult persons with learning difficulties or brain damage.

Health and medical care

There are several medical centres in Helsingborg municipality, and they are operated by Region Skåne. If you become ill, you should in the first instance go to a medical centre. More information about where the medical centres are located can be found on the website of Primärvården Skåne. The municipality also has the hospital Helsingborgs lasarett.

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak Swedish, you are entitled to help from an interpreter in your contacts with Helsingborg municipality. Do you need an interpreter? Tell the municipality before the meeting, and we will arrange an interpreter for your appointment. This service is free of charge.

Public transport

It is easy to travel to and from Helsingborg municipality. Trains stop in central Helsingborg, and also in the population centres Valåkra, Rydebäck, Gantofta, Påarp, Mörarp, Ödåkra and Kattarp. There are also town buses in Helsingborg that take you to all parts of the town. On theSkånetrafiken website you can see when the trains and buses run.

Work and entrepreneurship

Helsingborg municipality want it to be easy to start and run a company here. Here you can get help if you are an entrepreneur or want to start your own business, more information about running a company in Helsingborg is available on the municipality's website. On the employment service website, you can see what vacant jobs are available in the municipality at the moment.