Last updated: 2/12-2022

Klippan is a municipality with beautiful landscape in north-western Skåne. Here you can find good services, good housing and great opportunities for an active life. At the same time, it is easy to get to the larger towns in the area. You are warmly welcome to our municipality.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

380 km²


If you choose to move to Klippan municipality, there are several types of housing available: flats for rent, tenant-owner flats and detached family houses. If you want to rent your home, there is the municipal housing company Treklövern, but also several private landlords.

Language groups in the locality

Common language groups are Thai, Polish and Syrian. Vietnamese, Lithuanian, Arabic and Turkish are also spoken in Klippan.

Associations and organisations

Klippan municipality has several different types of associations. You can read more about them in our association register.

What is available in the immediate area

Klippan municipality offers good services. In the centre of town, there is the employment service, social insurance office, social services office, banks and the municipality's own customer service. There are also several different types of shops, library and an indoor swimming pool. Shops and library can also be found in the smaller villages Ljungbyhed and Östra Ljungby.


In Klippan municipality, there are many options for childcare, operated both by the municipality and privately. Childcare is available in all three populations centres, Klippan, Ljungbyhed and Östra Ljungby. More information about childcare can be found on Klippan municipality's website.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

In Klippan municipality there are a number of different alternatives for both comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools, both municipal and private. Our comprehensive schools are located in Klippan and Ljungbyhed.

The municipal upper secondary schools in Klippan offer several specialisations, among them the Social Science programme, Children and Leisure, Vehicles and Transport and also Electricity and Energy. The Flight Technology Centre is located in Ljungbyhed, and Östra Ljungby has the private school Segra, specialising in agriculture.

Here there are also opportunities for special schools at comprehensive and upper secondary level.

Education opportunities

There are good opportunities for adult education in Klippan municipality. We offer education at upper secondary and comprehensive level, Swedish for Immigrants, adult vocational education, apprenticeships, vocational further education and special adult education. Within commuting distance, there is Kristianstad college, Campus Helsingborg, Lund University and Malmö College.

Health and medical care

Klippan municipality has three medical centres; two in the centre of Klippan and one in Ljungbyhed. Here you can get help from district doctors and nurses based on your needs. They also offer child healthcare clinics and ante-natal clinics.

Dentists are available in both Klippan and Ljungbyhed.

Interpreter assistance

Klippan municipality arranges interpreter services as necessary.

Public transport

There are good communications from Klippan by train, and you can travel easily to Helsingborg, Hässleholm and Kristianstad. From these places, you can then travel further within Skåne and the rest of Sweden. There is also a bus from Klippan to Ängelholm.

From Ljungbyhed you can catch the bus, either to Klippan or to Stenhag station for travel further within Skåne. Read more about departures and timetables on Skånetrafiken.

Work and entrepreneurship

From Klippan, you can easily get to towns such as Helsingborg, Kristianstad and Ängelholm, where there are more major employers.