Last updated: 2/12-2022

Lund is one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia and its university is among the world’s hundred most highly ranked. Tradition meets innovation here. The city is of a manageable size, and some of the best research in the world is carried out here. In Lund municipality you are never far from either city, country or nature. Civic and cultural life are rich and varied. In short, there is something for everyone. Welcome!

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

440 km²


Flats and houses to rent in Lund municipality can be found through the municipal housing company, Lunds kommuns fastighets AB (LKF), as well as through private property owners and housing companies. You need to contact each property owner or housing company in person when searching for a rented home.

Contact the municipality for a list of private landlords in Lund and in the villages of Veberöd, Södra Sandby and Genarp.

Language groups in the locality

Several different language groups are represented in Lund. Contact the municipality for more information.

Associations and organisations

Lund municipality has a rich offering of civic, leisure and cultural pursuits. There are several hundred associations, study circles, organisations and other societies to become involved with. Check our events calendar for information about what is on over the next few weeks.

What is available in the immediate area

Lund municipality has various types of shops as well as banks, libraries, pharmacies, Arbetsförmedlingen (job centre) and the municipality's social services office and citizens' office. The Swedish Tax Agency and Försäkringskassan both have offices in Lund.

There are sporting facilities, indoor swimming pools and a wide selection of different leisure and culture activities.


Lund municipality offers all children a place in preschool from the age of one until they start school.

If you are at home with small children who are not registered in preschool you are always warmly welcome to any of our open preschools, which serve as a contact point for both children and adults!

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

All children attend compulsory school between the ages of 6 and 16. At the beginning of the year in which your child turns 6 you need to submit your request for which school you wish your child to attend preschool class in. Within the municipality you can choose between municipal and independent compulsory schools.

In Lund you have five municipal and twelve independent upper secondary schools to choose from. Municipal upper secondary schools offer a wide selection of programmes, so you can choose the education programme that suits you.

Lund municipality welcomes all newly arrived children and pupils to LundaVälkomsten. This is a registration and introduction process which the pupil attends for between 1 and 3 weeks before being offered a place in school.

Education opportunities

Lunds Vägledningscentrum, the Guidance Centre, can help you with guidance, planning and information about studies and the jobs market. We provide free study and occupational guidance to all adults who are registered as resident in Lund municipality.

Swedish for immigrant (SFI) courses are offered to anyone who lives in Sweden and lacks a basic knowledge of Swedish. The language course involves learning to speak, read and write Swedish, as well as practising using the language in everyday life and job situations. You will receive a certificate when you complete the course. All teaching is free of charge.

Adult education services in Lund offer several different options for adults wishing to begin studying. This allows you to choose an education that suits you personally, based on your interests, needs and circumstances.

Civic orientation for new arrivals is a course about Sweden for anyone who is new to Sweden. The course teaches you about your rights and obligations, about Swedish democracy and about how Swedish society functions. The course is held in your native language or in another language you understand. You can also do the course as a distance learning course. During the course you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues. You will receive a certificate when you complete the course.

Read more about adult education in the municipality.

Health and medical care

You have access to several different types of health care in Lund municipality. These include medical care centres, maternity and child health care centres, and dental care.

The nearest emergency and accident ward is at the university hospital in Lund, and there are also hospitals in Malmö and Landskrona. If you have questions about health and medical care you can call Vårdguiden on 1177.

Interpreter assistance

With all contact with the authorities, the municipality and health services, you are entitled to interpreting help if you do not speak or understand Swedish. This is booked in advance of the actual meeting.

Public transport

Lund municipality is well placed for commuting, with easy access to cities including Malmö, Copenhagen and Helsingborg. Public transport within the municipality and Skåne is run by Skånetrafiken. There are three railway stations: Lund Central, Gunnesbo and Stångby.

Public transport in the municipality

If you want to travel farther, for instance to Gothenburg, Stockholm or other major destinations in Sweden, you can do so by train with the national rail service, SJ. Long-distance buses are operated out of Lund by Swebus and Nettbuss. The closest airports are in Malmö (Sturup) and Copenhagen (Kastrup).

Work and entrepreneurship

Lund has a long business tradition. Much of the business community is linked to the university and the hospital, but Lund is also home to many successful enterprises in other areas.

Arbetsförmedlingen's website has information about vacant jobs. If you want to work for Lund municipality, all vacant jobs are also posted on the municipality's website. The municipality's website also has information about starting and running a business.

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